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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

(awww its fine XD)

Abigail and Scarlet watched as Ichiru walked towards them and knelt down, the two toddlers staring at their father.

“Mommy is really sick right now, and we don’t want the two of you to catch it, so you’ll have to stay away from her for a little while, okay?” Ichiru spoke.

"Ah, same old Ichiru, always sugar-coating everything." A much familiar voice said from the kitchen, the curly haired brunette walking into the living room with a cat-like grace with a smirk. At first Stefan, Damon, Kotomi and Caroline thought it was the Vampire Abigail while Lexi, Isobel and Diana remained in the bathroom with Ashley, but as the four got a good look at the woman in front of them, reality struck them.

"Katherine..." Stefan growled.

"In the flesh, well... not yet. I'm still a damn Ghost but that will change very shortly." Katherine said. "It's about time you guys can finally see and hear me. I've been constantly screaming at you guys for nineteen years to hear me but it never worked."

"How can we see you now?" Kotomi asked as Abigail and Scarlet stood behind Ichiru, the toddlers knowing from the stories they were told that Katherine was nothing but evil.

"I guess when Bonnie and her daughter brought back Klaus something happened with the other side, allowing the Ghosts from your past who never moved on to get a foothold in the world of the living." Katherine guessed, the brunette just as confused as everyone else.

"Who else is here besides you?" Caroline asked.

"Well there's me, Elijah and James; Ichiru's and Kiseki's father. The rest had moved on, like Amy, the tomb Vampires, Scarlet and John." Katherine explained. The four tensed when finding out that James was around now, remembering what he had done. The thought of Elijah being around was a little comforting though, if only he would make an appearance. The bathroom door opened then as Lexi began to walk out.

"Guys, could you get Ashley a clean pair of clothes?" Lexi asked as she looked at Caroline and Kotomi, but then her attention quickly went to Katherine, her jaw dropping after a few moments when sensing it wasn't Abigail.

"Good to see you too." Katherine chuckled with her evil grin still showing.

"How are you back?" Lexi asked, looking at her friends for answers. Stefan explained everything to Lexi, the Vampire looking down for a few moments before looking back up at Stefan. "We can't tell Ashley. She has enough to worry about."

"You guys are just full of secrets, aren't you?" Katherine teased as she looked over to Aiden. "Looks like I have some good blackmail on everyone."

"Knock it off Katherine." Damon growled.

"If you can guarantee me coming back as a Vampire then I'll keep my mouth shut. I'll leave Fells Church and never come back." Katherine said.

"That's a load of crap. You wouldn't keep your word." Caroline blurted out.

"Scouts honor." Katherine said with puppy dog eyes, enjoying taunting the group.

"Let's make a deal." Damon said, slowly walking towards Katherine. "If you help us get Klaus' blood to heal Ashley then we'll bring you back as a Vampire."

"And you promise you'll keep your word?" Katherine asked after a few moments of thinking it over. "Because if you double-cross me then I will kill those children in a heartbeat and you know it." Katherine looked over to Abigail and Scarlet, then back over to Damon.

"I'll keep my word." Damon said with a nod, bringing Katherine to nod as well.

"We have a deal then. I'll go and see what I can do, but in the meantime, keep Ashley alive." Katherine said, then disappearing in thin air.

"I thought you said mommy was just sick?" Scarlet asked after a few moments of silence.

"She is." Stefan said gently with a nod. "Klaus' blood is what will make her feel better." Scarlet and Abigail nodded at Stefan's words.

"It's like nineteen years ago all over again..." Kotomi said as she looked down.
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