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[Frigidmon-Polar Icecap, Digital World][Role: TD][Arp: Sheepat]

Frigidmon ran at the two, just as the stream hit them. She had been able to hear Andrew's voice over the howling wind, but barely. She flung herself head first into the stream and was suddenly flung into a tree.

"Ow..." She stood, shaking her head. The tree she had hit had shattered and broken from the force. Frigidmon looked around, dazed. She spotted Casper and Andrew and began to pad slowly toward them. Andrew lay on the ground.

"Is he...ok?" Frigidmon asked, swaying a little. Her fur was extremely thick underneath her silver armour and she was overheating badly. She swayed a little more before plopping backward. Her eyes were dull, like she wasn't actually seeing anything, and her head tilted forward and back again.

[Morimon-Dayton Ohio, U.S.][Role: TD][Arp: None]

Morimon watched the humans running and screaming hysterically. He shook his head at their reactions. Like Kokatorimon with their heads cut off. He thought, watching the Digimon he had been with before rush to help them.

He looked up at the sky and his fur tingled. He almost wanted to Digivolve, there was more than enough energy pouring from the portal, but he decided that it wouldn't affect the situation any. He couldn't mend the hole anyway.

He simply stood there, staring up at the sky. A few stars twinkled coldly at him and he shook is fur. Something was coming through the portal, he was sure of it, he just couldn't tell exactly what it was yet. He let out a low growl and continued to watch the portal.
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