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Character Name: Juan Rivera

Pokemon: Charmeleon

Gender: Male

Faction: Miniera (PE2K)

Character Description: Juan possesses a standard build for a Charmeleon, and is dressed in light attire at allows for greater mobility. His tail flame burns a bright orange, and is hotter than the flames of other Charmeleon. It occasionally burns red when he is angry, an odd trait that is a defining characteristic in his family. He wears a red cotton beret on his head, and protects his body with chain-mail over a white shirt. On his left arm is a small scar he obtained in a battle between the Minieran army and a group of Nomade separatists who lived in a region Miniera had gained control of in previous wars. his arquebus is carried strapped to his back, and his sword in a hilt on his left side. A bag held on the other side of his waist contains all his other belongings.

Character History: Juan was the first born of a noble couple Diego and Lola Rivera, both Charizards, who quickly produced two more children a few years later. These younger brothers, Guillermo and Carlos, came to be Juan's best friends in early childhood. Naturally, they were in awe of their older brother, who quickly became someone they looked up to.

Being the first born wasn't exactly a blessing though. The Rivera family had a long standing tradition of heroism in Miniera, and it is said that every first born in the family has passed into legend. Each had wielded the family blade, Valentía, and passed it on from generation to generation. Many of Juan's ancestors had been great military leaders, and even his father Diego Rivera had been a man of great renown, fighting for the Minieran crown during a internal conflict. A lone noble whose territory rested near Nomade borders had fought to establish his own kingdom, and when word reached the king of this traitorous rebellion, he had sent his armies to destroy him. Leading the king's massive force, Diego returned months later unscathed from the siege of the rebellious province. Diego was later given the noble's former title and holdings.

Wishing to see his son follow in his footsteps, Juan began at a young age to learn the ways of Minieran knighthood. His brothers also began preparations for their own perceived lifestyles, Guillermo for the inheritance of his father's noble status, and Carlos to become a scholar. While his brothers were to go into simple, quiet livelihoods, it was Juan's destiny that he follow in his forefather's footsteps. Naturally, this put him under substantial pressure, raised to live up to the enormous reputation of the Rivera family.

Juan was trained to wield the weaponry of the knights of old by his father, and prepared to wield the family sword in his own quest. Juan soon found himself to be more adept at the use of gunpowder weaponry however when he learned the basic use of the arquebus, and wishing to not push anything else on his son, Diego allowed Juan to use the arquebus as his primary arm as long as he carried the family sword with him as well. At the age of 16 he evolved into a Charmeleon, and that day he was first allowed to hold in his hand Valentía, the family blade.

At the ripe young age of 18, Juan was set out into the world to find his own adventure. Armed with his gun and sword, Juan decided to head out in search of adventure. In his first two years, he was involved in minor mercenary work, during which he obtained his scar. At the beginning of his third year away from home, he left to a port town in order to seek out opportunity. There he first heard of the discovery of Kibou, the riches that it possessed, and the conflict over control of the island. Juan decided immediately that his journey began in this new land, and that he would seek out his own glory there. After inquiring with members of the local nobility, Juan found himself the leader of a Minieran expedition authorized by the royalty itself. Put in charge of a ship and crew, Juan was tasked with enforcing Minieran claims to Kibou and driving out those who didn't respect it. Thus did Juan set out from this port, hoping to forge his own legacy.

Weapons: Juan is adept enough at the use of various weapons, but has a few staples that he tends to favor in combat. He prefers ranged weapons, and wields in particular a large arquebus he is extremely adept at using. He also carries his family sword, Valentía. The broadsword sees little use though, and is more of a good luck charm to Juan than anything he would practically use.

Other: If you so please, read every post regarding this character in a Spanish accent.

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