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Default Re: The Chill Out Squad [Welcoming battlers and traders!]

Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
Your Pokemon are sloppily raised? Pssssh, you haven't even seen mine. :B Wait, no you have. THEY STILL BAD THOUGH. I love them to death. <3333 Dragonite is pretty cool though. And they have nice 4th Gen tutored moves. :3 But yeah, EVs and IVs are crap. XD

EDIT: Also, the FC in your game should be my current friend code Eti. You can add that one, and I'll double check when I get my 3DS XL. :3

DOUBLE EDIT: Also, there's a random "I" after the Typhlosion Icon I have. XD FIX IT NAO
Hey, at least we both have sloppily raised Pokemon so we're both on an equal footing! :D Bad EVs and IVs for everyone! :3

My current squad of completed Pokemon stands at Emboar, Mienshao, Mandibuzz, Haxorus, Lucario, Hydreigon, Carracosta and Gothitelle. :3 I've also got 30 Pokemon left to evolve; after that I'm mass training all my Pokemon. The element of surprise will be my weapon in battle, dohohohoho.

I'll fix it right away, Ty. x3 Also, Pokemon B/W is silly because it won't display an FC once you've entered it. D: So you'll have to show me it again. D:

@Kaoru; If you've got a list of Pokemon you want in trade or up for trade just post it here and I'll put it on the first post of the thread. :)

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