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Chapter 01
A click broke the silence, the only warning given in the still house that the front door was about to be opened. With a quiet protest the wooden door was pushed away from its frame, bringing in the mid-morning light. A shadow broke the doorway light pattern as a young girl stepped into the entryway before closing the door behind her. She had deep chestnut brown hair with auburn highlights tied back in a loose, low hanging ponytail that reached to the small of her back. Her long bangs were brushed to the left side of her face, partially covering her eye. The rich plum-colored color of her eyes seemed to go well with her hair color as well as her medium skin tone.

Turning on the heels of her russet brown hiking boots, the girl unzipped her indigo hoodie and shrugged it off her shoulders, revealing a cornflower blue tank top and faded dark blue denim shorts. She tied the outer layer of her clothing around her waist as she walked through the main entryway, walking into the main living area. Two couches, one smaller that the other, were against the walls in the far corner. A television was mounted on the wall opposite of the longest couch, and in between the two was a glass top table. There were a few bookshelves and photos against the powder blue walls, but what was resting on the forest green carpet was what caught the teen girl’s attention. There was what seemed like a heap of cream and dark blue colored fur, but when looked at closely one could see the steady rise and fall of relaxed breathing. A pointed ear twitched at the sound of footsteps approaching, but no other movement was seen as the girl approached. She kneeled down next to the mound of fur and gently stroked the coarse dark fur. A low rumble was then heard in response to the pets, bringing a smile to the one running her fingers through its fur.

“Come on, Rayner. Time to get up,” the teen gently spoke, lightly nudging the creature under her hand.

A huff was sounded as a reply to the coaxing before the creature uncurled itself, revealing that the mound of fur is a Pokémon known as Typhlosion. It stretched its powerful legs out as it arched its back, the red spots on the back of its neck and shoulders glowing a dull orange for just a moment with a yawn. Once its head was made visible from uncurling itself, a massive scar could be seen across its face. There was no fur in the area, revealing faded purple scar tissue. Its shape was almost like a bandit mask around its eyes and upper muzzle but a bit jagged around some edges. It was clearly a serious injury when it was inflicted, and many were surprised that it had survived the attack. However due to the initial injury and the severity of it, it left the creature permanently blind and its eyes sealed shut. However it didn’t need its sight in order to nuzzle the girl’s shoulder affectionately after stretching, again letting a low rumble ripple from its chest.

“I’m not surprised Rayner will move for you and not me, Spinel,” a new voice sounded over the purr like sounds.

The teen looked over her shoulder to find her mother leaning against the wall. She was a beautiful woman with waist length dark ebony hair, plum colored eyes, and smooth olive skin. She wore a knee length light sea green dress with a v-neck and was just off the shoulders. Her left hand was adorned with a copper wedding ring, which was noticed because it seemed to glow in the morning light. She smiled warmly at the teenager and the quadruped creature that had silenced its rumbling but had not moved its head from the girl’s shoulder, instead just turned one of its ears in the direction of the woman’s voice.

“Probably because she doesn’t kick me like you do, Topaz,” Rayner muttered under his breath, huffing before he nudged his face further into Spinel’s shoulder.

The teen chuckled as she then ran her fingers through the fur on Rayner’s head, making sure not to brush her fingers against the scar. “I guess Dad’s trusty Typhlosion just likes me better,” she replied, still looking up at her mother but now with an amused smile.

“Watch it, missy,” Topaz said, taking up the typical mother stance with her hands on her hips, “I can still ground you. You haven’t left on your journey just yet.”

That’s when Spinel turned away from her mother, instead looking at the Typhlosion’s dark fur as it passed under her hand with a sad smile on her face. “And it looks like I’ll have to wait a little longer.”

Even though it was in a quite tone, the older woman had heard what was said. Rayner again started to nuzzle the girl, now moving from her shoulder to her neck and under her chin. It was clear he could sense her sudden mood change as well as hear it in her voice. Topaz watched for a silent moment before she smiled, getting an idea of what might cheer her daughter up.

“How about you help me with Rayner’s battle training today?” she suggested. “You know what he can do. Why not battle with him against me and one of my Pokémon?”

Spinel looked up at her mother, a bit surprised. She was often allowed to watch, but she never actually participated in the battles. Her mother had many Pokémon, being a breeder and coordinator, so she didn’t know all of their moves. However she watched her father’s Typhlosion closely and had learned what attacks he could use as well as how he liked to battle. This would be great practice for her for when she went off to be a trainer herself. Her train of thought was interrupted when she felt something nudge her shoulder and felt more than heard a low growl.

“Come on, Spin,” Rayner said. “We can do this. I have confidence in you.”

That was all the teen needed to hear. She then turned her gaze back up to her mother, shock now replaced by determination and excitement. “Alright,” she replied.

With a quick walk through the house, the sound of the silver bangles Topaz wore on her right wrist and ankles softly clinking with every step, the women and Volcano Pokémon walked out of a glass door and into the back yard. There was a small wooden patio just outside the door decorated with a few chairs and a glass circular table. The yard itself was covered in lush green grass other than a large pond in the back of the property and a makeshift dirt battlefield. The yard was lined with all kinds of bushes, becoming a natural fence.

Topaz stepped off of the patio and into the yard, signing in content as her bare feet came into contact with the soft blades of grass. She then made her way to the field, her daughter and husband’s prized partner a few steps behind. Once on their chosen sides, Topaz whistled. At the sound a bush on her side of the field started shaking before a large badger-like creature jumped out from the branches. It had sleek cream-colored fur with brown strips that resembled arrows, bright blue eyes, and long claws on its paws. It ran right past the woman and onto the battlefield, taking its spot and standing on its hind legs. It had a confident smirk on its face and head slightly tilted to the right, reflecting the confidence its trainer also showed on her face.

“Kohana will be your opponent.”

Again Spinel eyes shined with surprise, but now also a bit of uncertainty. She has seen Kohana in action in her mother’s contests. He was one of her top performers. Not only was he swift but also powerful. Even for experienced trainers he was a tough opponent to beat. She has never even been in a training battle before and wasn’t sure how well she would work with her father’s Pokémon.

“Spinel,” the Typhlosion barked, turning somewhat so the teenager could see the side of his face, “you need to relax. Don’t think about anything but this battle. Trust me as I trust you and we will succeed.”

It was evident that the young soon-to-be trainer had not expected to hear that, but it was what needed to be said. Taking a deep breath to calm herself down, she took a moment to also take all other thoughts out of her head except for the battle she was about to have. She would face many strong trainers on her travels and ultimately this would be an experience that would be appreciated. When she opened her eyes again, her plum irises again reflected the excitement she felt. She saw Rayner nod with a small smile, sensing the change, before again turning to fully face the Linoone he was going to battle.

“Then we’ll have the first move,” Spinel said. “Let’s start things off with Flamethrower!”

The red spots on the back of Rayner’s neck started to glow, and then with a mighty roar a brilliant flame flared to life from the spots and formed a half collar. It was then that the Typhlosion twisted his head around and parted his jaws after the battle cry, shooting a powerful stream of fire at the badger-like opponent. However Kohana didn’t seem fazed and continued to smirk. After a quick moment and without a command he jumped out of the fire’s path. He knew that was what his trainer had wanted him to do, having battled with her for so long in contest battles.

“Counter with Thunder Wave,” Topaz spoke, calmly and still looking as confident as when the battle started.

At the height of his jump Kohana slightly curled into himself, building up electrical energy. However the sparks that jumped and arched about his fur had a blue glow to it instead of the more common yellow. After hovering but a moment he quickly uncurled and pointed his paws towards his blind opponent, sending blue electricity flying at him. If it hit then the fire-type would be paralyzed, and that would be a huge advantage for the normal-type Pokémon. However Rayner’s ears twitched as soon as the sparks appeared, hearing the small crackling noise they made against Kohana’s pelt. Even if he could not see his opponent, he could still hear him and because of that he knew exactly where he was.

“Dodge using Quick Attack,” Spinel then said, not needing to wait another second.

The Typhlosion dropped to all fours and then sprinted forward, faster than he normally would. His speed had increased with the technique, and using the momentum gained he then jumped and head butted the Linoone in his stomach. The badger gasped as his breath was knocked out of him; he and the fire Pokémon then letting gravity bring them back down. Rayner landed back on his feet while Kohana landed on his back, bringing up a dust cloud with the impact. As the dust started to clear the Rushing Pokémon started to stand. When it shook its fur out, a soft chime was heard. Rayner’s head tilted at the sound and Spinel seemed a bit confused. It as then that the young woman noticed something was tied around her mother’s Pokémon’s neck. A small, shell shaped bell hung from a necklace made of thin but durable string that was well hidden in the Pokémon’s thick fur.

“You gave Kohana a Shell Bell?” Spinel asked her mother, surprised she just now noticed the item.

Topaz chuckled, amused with her daughter’s reaction. “He’s had it for a while, dear. I only take it off of him when we’re traveling between places so he can pick up stray items.”

This was going to be a problem. If Spinel remembered correctly the item healed injuries gradually during a battle, but the healing is minimal every time it chimes. So if she and Rayner could keep up the attack then they could cause more damage than the Shell Bell could heal. With new determination and confidence in herself and her battle partner, she was going to see this until the match was called.

“Ray, let’s use SmokeScreen!”

Rayner again twisted his head, but this time instead of flames coming forth from his parted jaws a steady stream of think, black smoke started to cover the battlefield. Kohana stood on his hind legs to try to get out of the smoke, but soon the cloud was taller than him. He then started to cough when he inhaled the smoke into his lungs as well as closing his eyes when it started to irritate them. The effects of the technique did not affect the fire-type, already being blind and used to inhaling the smoke. It was then that Topaz lost some of the confidence in herself; in it’s place pride shined brightly in her eyes. She noticed that her daughter was using a move that put the favor of victory in her hand, using what most would consider a disadvantage as an advantage. The young woman was already showing signs of being an excellent trainer.

“Follow up with Flame Wheel!”

Rayner took a quick moment to listen, pinpointing where Kohana was by his ragged breathing and coughing. Once he knew where his target was, the flames on the back of his neck grew larger before he jumped and rolled into a ball. He continued to spin, coating himself in flame before he dropped back down and rolled forward. The Linoone noticed too late what was happening and was hit in the left shoulder by the fire-type attack. The force of the blow knocked him out of the smoke and he rolled a bit before coming to a stop. The wind had picked up then and blew the smoke clear off the field. Now the Typhlosion was clear in view and it was now noticeable that he was breathing a bit heavily, though it was subtle.

“Shake it off, Kohana,” Topaz then said as her partner started to stand back on all fours before shaking his fur out. “Now let’s get back in the game by using Ice Beam!”

Kohana got back on his hind paws, and brought his two front ones closer together. Between his claws a small light blue orb started to form. It crackled with energy as it expanded, the normal-type needing to widen the space between his paws to make room for it. Once it reached its maximum size the ball was then shifted to the badger’s right paw, which he then brought back as if to throw it.

“Quick, Rayner! Flamethrower!”

The large quadruped once again shot flames from his jaws, this time however after dropping down to all of his paws, just as the badger brought his paw with the light orb forward and launching a beam from it that instantly chilled the air around it. The two powerful techniques met in the middle of the field, twisting into each other for a moment before causing an explosion. Smoke and dust then covered the whole field, blinding both Pokémon and trainers. It took some time for the dust to settle and when it did the Typhlosion and Linoone were taking some deep breaths in attempt to regain some of the energy used in their last attacks.
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