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It was then that Topaz laughed, the sound almost musical. This caused Spinel to looked a bit confused, especially when the two Pokémon deeply sighed and relaxed. It was then that the younger woman realized that it must be the end of the battle. There was no point in pushing them any harder, especially Rayner. He has been off the battlefield for a long time and needed to get used to battling again. She then allowed herself to release the breath she wasn’t aware she was holding.

“That was excellent, my darling,” Topaz said as the crossed the field. “Taking full advantage of Rayner’s advanced hearing with the SmokeScreen. I don’t think anyone else could have done that so well. And it showed that he trusts you as well as you being confident in him. You will make a fantastic trainer.”

Once Topaz was in front of her daughter she placed a hand on Spinel’s head. She could see the slight embarrassment in her daughter’s eyes, but it just amused her. The young woman could be modest and did not have that much confidence in herself just yet. But with what the coordinator saw today on the battlefield she had no doubt that Spinel would go far with Pokémon. Even with family Rayner was strong willed and didn’t like to listen to anyone other than Garnet, Spinel’s father as well as Rayner’s trainer. The Typhlosion was fond of his trainer’s daughter but never would Topaz thought that he would battle so well with her, almost as if they’d been battling together for years.

“I’m serious. You did well.” The older woman then let her hand drop as she turned to the fire-type. “And so did you. Excellent work for your first real battle practice.”

Rayner just huffed before he and Kohana then made their way back to the house. With an amused chuckle Topaz patted her daughter’s shoulder before following them, knowing that they’d want some water after that workout. Once along the young woman then turned to the lake that was just a few feet away from the field. She was able to cross over to it with a few strides, untying her hoodie from around her waist and putting it back on with the zipper up half way, and once near the water’s edge she lowered herself to the ground. Wrapping her arms around her bent knees Spinel then rested her head on her legs, just watching the shimmering water. She was happy that her mother thought highly of her, but was uncertain if she could live up to it. There would be no way she could be a great trainer like her father, and she didn’t have interest in contests.

The high of battling with Rayner was fading and her mood from before was resurfacing. She had gone to Professor Elm’s lab earlier that morning to receive a starter Pokémon. However when she got there she had learned that not only was there none left but he had also only had two. It wouldn’t have mattered if she had gotten there earlier since the one she wanted as her partner would have been unavailable either way. She sighed, trying not to get too depressed. Trying to clear her mind of thoughts she didn’t notice the small air bubbles forming in the lake, not for from where she was sitting at its edge. It was only when the water rippled when something surfaced did it drew her attention, bringing her gaze to the source of the disturbance.

A crocodilian head broke the surface of the still lake, only revealing its eyes and nose. Its scales were a deep sky blue color with the Egyptian blue pattern around its red eyes being the only visible exception. For a moment it just stared at the young woman before it started to move forward. Spinel uncurled herself before crossing her legs and just watching the reptile swim towards her. She was rather calm as she watched the smooth movements the creature made. If anything she was a little surprised to see it in the lake. As it got closer more of its head started to surface from the water due to it becoming shallower. More of the crocodile was revealed as it started to walk the lake bottom instead of swimming, a jonquil yellow v-shape pattern on its chest and amaranth red ridges on its back and tail now visible. It stopped near the water’s edge, now ankle deep in the lake, and continued to look at the woman.

“A Totodile?” Spinel asked quietly to no one in particular.

“Hi,” the water-type greeted. “I saw your battle. You and your Typhlosion are impressive.”

Spinel was a bit taken aback and blinked before she shook her head. “Rayner isn’t my Pokémon. I was just helping him get back into battling.”

Now it was the Totodile’s turn to look surprised. “You can understand what I say?”

Spinel hummed and nodded in response. “I’ve always been able to understand Pokémon language, and so far I’m the only one. I haven’t met another person who can.”

The water type then finished climbing out of the water after a moment, sitting next to Spinel. Both just watched the lake for some time, it feeling longer to both that it actually was. It may have been a couple minutes before the Totodile then looked back up at the young woman. It was then that she noticed her attire, which led to the blue croc getting an idea. It got up and walked over to the human girl, getting a closer look at her hoodie. After examining the article of clothing the Pokémon then started to climb up the young woman’s left arm. Spinel turned when she felt it but only observed instead of stopping it. Once on her shoulder the Totodile then climbed into the hood of her hoodie. It moved around a bit before poking its head back out and resting it on Spinel’s shoulder with a content sigh, looking happy and comfortable in the position. This earned a chuckle from the brunette.



Spinel just watched the Totodile for a moment. She wasn’t uncomfortable with the added weight but was in face comforted with it. It was then that she got an idea. She could only hope that it would work.

“Totodile?” she spoke softly in case it had fallen asleep. She got a hum in reply, meaning that the water-type was listening. “Do you have a trainer?”

The Totodile looked up from its spot and shook it’s head. “No. Not yet, anyway.” Realization then seemed to hit it. “Do you want to be my trainer?”

“Only if you want to be my partner. I won’t force you.”

It was less than a second after she spoke that the Totodile start to nuzzle the side of her face and neck affectionately. Spinel laughed before she placed her hand on the Pokémon’s head, stroking the surprisingly soft scales. After both had calmed down they were smiling at one another. They just knew they now had a friend in each other.

“Are you going to name me, Trainer?”

Spinel chuckled. “You don’t have to call me that. My name’s Spinel. I’d like to give you a name, however to be honest I can’t tell if you’re a boy or girl.”


After a moment of thinking and having taking a quick look at the lake, the perfect name came to mind. “I’ll call you Ren. It means water lily.”

The Totodile seemed to like it and again rubbed against Spinel’s cheek. It was then that the young woman stood up, zipping her hoodie up to just below her collarbone to make sure that the clothing didn’t fall off with Ren’s weight. She then patted the water-type on the head before she turned to head back to the house.

“Then let’s go tell Mother and then see Professor Elm. After that you and I can start our journey.”
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