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Default [**] Sabi's DDR: Dance Duel Revolution Gym [OPEN]

"Humming the bassline...let's reach for the stars.
Someday calling out victory.
Step up into my arena and fly like a butterfly.
Explode like a dynamite rave, or you'll be sent back like a kimono princess.
If you don't understand the concept of love shining bright,
then pack it on up, I'll dance my way tonight."

The Rhythm Badge

Welcome to...

The Dance Pad:

A rhythmic pulse flows through your body. Lights flash with the beat on the floor and everyone is in the mood to dance. The entire arena is a colourful floor of music and neon with a stellar, night club style roof to complete the entire scene. The roof can come away to reveal the night sky if necessary, and the whole arena is a massive, one hundred, by eighty, by fifty foot tall room with speakers humming bass lines and spectators viewing from lounge booths and bar counters behind an indestructible wall of specially made glass.

Pokémon who use any move with the word ‘dance’ in it will have the effect of that move possibly doubled. It is a 40% chance the effects will be doubled. If this is the case, the energy cost is the original energy cost of the move, with an additional 50% of that energy cost added onto it.
If effect is doubled:
Original energy cost + [original energy cost/2]

The following happens if the effects would be doubled for the following moves while used in the gym:

Swords Dance: +4 ATK
Dragon Dance: +2 ATK, +2 SPD
Rain Dance: Double duration of Rain Dance
Quiver Dance: +2 SP ATK, +2 SP DEF, +2 SPD
Teeter Dance: Those CNF by this move are 25% more likely to hurt self
Petal Dance: Damage x 1.5
Featherdance: -4 ATK to Target
Fiery Dance: +2 SP ATK [If boost is applied]
Lunar Dance: 25% chance of having 5% HP remaining rather than fainting.

Double Battle
How many Pokémon dancing per side?
Dance Battle Restrictions?
No OHKO Moves

"What do you need to do to get on the Dance Floor...?

...nothing, anyone can step up, but not everyone can dance..."

"And I'm looking for someone to tango with anytime..."

Restrictions: None whatsoever.

VPP STATS Paired with: Sandstorm Lavastone <3 Neon the Jolteon Level100: 6576

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