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Default Re: GYM LEADER Applications

Gym Title: Picture Perfect... Hidden Horror

Description of Gym Theme: Pokemon with an ability that makes them benefit from major status problems (Guts, Quick Feet, Poison Heal, Flare Boost, Toxic Boost. Note: I know it was said to specify only a few abilities but two out of those five have a whole one fully evolved Mon, and another has all of two of them)

6 Pokémon planned for Gym Theme: Breloom (Poison Heal), Gliscor (Poison Heal), Heracross (Guts), Ursaring (Guts), Zangoose (Toxic Boost), Drifblim (Flare Boost)

Wildcards: Starmie, Volcarona

Single Battle: Leader sends out Pokemon first.

Pokémon per side: 3

Restrictions: No OHKO Moves


Deep in Floaroma Meadow, there exists a beautiful, circular garden with the most bright colorful, and exquisite flowers any human has had the pleasure of seeing. Their perfume is absolutely lovely, and the art they make is the kind that can only be found in nature. However, as most people familiar with nature know, bright colors mean you want to AVOID the species in question, and these flowers are no exception. For though most of the time, these flowers are perfectly normal, the flowers in question emit a pollen that causes horrible things to happen to Pokemon, things that usually cause them to suffer in battle.

Arena effect: For each Pokemon to interact with the ground at the end of each round, whether by being grounded or taking an action that forces grounding, roll a 6-sided die. If the result is one, roll another six sided die. If the number is:

1: You lucked out. The pollen is of the rare flower that only mimics the flowers that cause problems.

2: The pollen from this flower causes blistering and inflammation. The Pokemon is burned (fire types are unaffected, as are Pokemon with the ability Water Veil).

3: Ah, poison. Nature's favorite way of screwing people over. This poison interacts with your tissues and weakens you over time. Pokemon is TXC (except for Poison Types and Pokemon with the Ability immunity. This TXC overrides regular poison).

4: What's this? You're numbing up? The Pokemon is paralyzed (Pokemon with Limber exempted).

5: This flower is really very rare; it only exists in very select places. It contains a high concentration of the chemical menthol, which makes the body feel cooler without actual temperature change. This Pokemon is frozen (Ice types and Magma Armor excluded)

6: Nighty-night! This Pokemon is sleep for the next round (yet not those with Insomnia or Vital Spirit).

If a Pokemon already has the condition, the flower has no effect. Same thing if they already have the maximum number of major status conditions.

Requirements: None


In progress:
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