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Originally Posted by Teddiursa of the Sky View Post
Yes, just as I won't be able to replicate the music that they made (I don't have live guitar players). What I can do, however, is attempt to make a more orchestral/electronic "remix" per se (no midi file is available, so this will all be completely original). The actual production, however, will remain a secret until I am finished (expect it sometime whenever). ;D Have a huge soundfont library. Choirs, Ensembles, Brass, etc.

But is this the direction you'd like me to go in, or should I try something else?

Sure, yeah. I'd love to. :D

By the way, are we to do all the "grunts", "moans", and other oddly placed sounds that they make when they simply move? xD

Oh, and when it comes to sound effects, I have plenty of whooshes, explosions, and other sound effects. Send the video with all the dubbed-in parts, and I will add that stuff.

...Can I just say how amazing you are? :3 That was an awesome piece of music! I'm going to be listening to it over and over :D I think I'd like to see some themes reminiscent of Pokemon music within it--but I really like the light-hearted part you had their in the beginning. I think it'd go with the part where the protagonist is getting his first Pokemon. The tense part you got almost half-way in would be awesome for the part on the boat--as well as the creepy part in the park with Colress.

We could run over the specifics later--for right now, I think I'd like to get the voices done. I'm glad we got most of the female parts down, but we could really use some guys. Is there anybody else you think might be interested? Hey, you guys could do more than one voice if you'd like ^^

Oh, and for the grunts and whatnaught... I'll leave that up to you guys. You can do whatever you feel comfortable with ^^ Though I think I would like to have the Main Protagonist pant when he's chasing down the Shadow Triad--it really looks like he's been running hard, and I'd like to make that believable ^^

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