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Default Re: Pokerus Empire: Never Say Die

Originally Posted by Lost Soul View Post
yaoo what's the word peepuls? good news, my Acekard should be in friday, bad news, i'll be busy that weekend for the most part so i might not be around all that often

@lil dude, a lead butterfree is pretty fun to use, mostly for novelties sake, but make sure you have Rapid spin support if you want it to be around for a bit, aside from a pretty accurate sleep powder, it has quiver dance this gen, which could help out, or using Tinted lens with quiver dance might get you a KO or two since NE hits are doubled, but volcarona outclasses it by heaps

how's everyone?
ye butterfree has been getting better each gen, but it's still so bad it finds it's self in the depths of nu, deep depths more specifically pu the nu tier of nu
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