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First off, do yourself a favor and do NOT do that. Bonus Chapters, done with enough frequency, can make it seem like the story progression is going to be slower than it is (unless you're doing it to the point where it actually is taking a hit). I don't think you'll get that level of popularity, and for some reason people seem to dislike posting in one's story if it's good, though both are just likely occurances and not dead-set, so it may be possible. That's really just my opinion on it, though. Even if you do want to, do it only to clarify foggy concepts that people may pelt you questions over, maybe answer a few readers questions if you feel like you should, and HAVE the topic in mind for the bonus chapter already if it's neither of the above. I wouldn't leave it up to fans to completely decide the chapters. If you are going to go with it, just put two different focuses for the bonus chapter down and ask who gets what.

I'm not trying to tell you what to do, I'm just advising you on it, so I'm sorry if that came off as rude.

On another note, is this an ongoing Nuzlocke, or have you finished it already? Moreover, are you going to end it by beating the Champion or by beating Red?
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