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Default Re: Soul Calibur Series

Yes, there's five games right now. At least with the Soul Calibur title. There was one before them, but I don't remember the title of it. It was the first in the series. And I've only started playing since SCII.

I really liked how in SCIII they introduced the character creator. I also like how in that one there were different fighting styles separate from the main characters as well as a separate story. Too bad they completely changed that in IV, but they added a bit more to the creator. And it then advanced in V. I'm really impressed with the character creator in V. I love it X3

And This added info was added because I had forgotten about it until Sealboy mentioned using his own character. The characters I listed are all fighting styles my characters have, and I like to use them over the canon characters. I have a ton of OCs on my game, but I also have friends creating characters on it. I just happen to have the most X3 I can go back and look to see exactly how many characters that were created and how many are mine if anyone would like to know.

My opinion on SCV? I like it. They improved the character creator and introduced new characters and fighting styles, as well as changed some already existing styles. The story mode was lacking in my opinion since it pretty much repeated itself and was completely predictable (except for maybe once something took me by surprise). I haven't tried online play yet (I'm a bit hesitant since the only online game I've played is WoW) but everything else is good. I'm glad I own it. Definitely a good game to play with friends.
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