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Default Re: The Chill Out Squad [Welcoming battlers and traders!]

Originally Posted by Master Aqua View Post
sorry I just don't like it when people spout out crud like that when it's simply not true
The fact is that everything that is said about any Pokemon is FALSE, because we have our own opinions on what we like or dislike about a certain Pokemon. Ty is perfectly entitled to his opinion that Genesect's stats suck, and you're perfectly entitled to your opinion that Genesect's stats don't suck. I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with either one of you, mostly because I've never had a Genesect before. You need to stop talking nonsense. We have our opinions and you have yours. There's nothing you can do to change our minds. End of discussion.

New topic~

What do you think that Kyouhei and Mei's English names are gonna be?
Serena for Mei, and idk about Kyouhei.
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