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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

“Did something happen?” Ashley wasn't able to sense Kiseki but when she heard Ichiru's question she opened her eyes and slowly turned her head towards the bedroom door, seeing Kiseki.

“Katherine finally showed up.” Kiseki explained.

“And?” Ichiru asked.

“She told Damon that Klaus wanted to make a deal with him, and took him away.” Kiseki answered.

“Did anyone else go with them?” Ichiru beat Ashley to the very question she was going to ask.

“No, she said that Klaus ordered him to come alone.” Kiseki responded.

"This isn't going to turn out good..." Ashley said weakly as she looked from Kiseki to Ichiru.

"I'll make sure everything turns out fine." Elijah said as he appeared in the room, bringing Ashley to look at him in shock.


"Hello Ashley." Elijah said with a small smile, the Ghost looking out the window. "I must say, you and Ichiru have produced very beautiful children." Ashley gave a small smile, closing her eyes as she tried to rest.

Back downstairs Diana walked into the living room to see if Damon wanted anything, but she found the living room emptied of him. She thought that he was just merely upstairs with Ashley, though she looked over to Isobel.

"I'm guessing Damon is with Ashley?" Diana asked, beginning to walk towards the stairs.

"He actually left..." Isobel responded, bringing Diana to pause as she looked over to Isobel.

"Left? Where did he go?" Diana asked in confusion.

"Klaus wants to make a deal with him, so Katherine took Damon to Klaus." Isobel said with worry clear in her tone.

"Oh no..." Diana looked down, her own worry becoming clear.

Katherine led Damon to the very mansion Kol, Rebekah, Kevin and Finn were staying at, Katherine leading Damon inside where Klaus was sitting in a large living room with about a dozen women there, all of them compelled to not scream or run away.

"Ah Damon, please come join us." Klaus said with a smirk, motioning Damon to the couch across from the other one Klaus was on. Damon took a seat, looking Klaus right in the eye.

"What's with all of the women?" Damon asked.

"Just having a bit of fun." Klaus shrugged as Katherine walked a little closer.

"So, what deal are you willing me make?" Damon asked with impatience.

"Well you see, I've heard stories about you over the decades before you met Ashley and your little gang. If I've heard right, between 1864 up until you met Ashley, you had kept off your humanity and caused major bloodbaths. Sound familiar?" Klaus smirked.

"That part of me is long dead." Damon responded, remembering all of the bloodbaths and families he tore apart.

"Are you so sure?" Klaus stood up and walked over to an end table, where a small glass bottle and a knife were seen. "I want you to leave town with me, Damon. I want a wing-man while I create Hybrids."

"Do you honestly think I'll just leave town with you?" Damon growled.

"If you want to save Ashley's life then you will." Klaus growled back, cutting his hand with the knife and letting the blood fill the small bottle. "And there it is. You want to save Ashley? How about a decade-long bender? You know, I have big plans for you when we leave this town."

"I'm not like that anymore." Damon said coldly.

"Well that's too bad." Klaus said, walking over to the kitchen sink and began to pour the blood down the drain. "You would had made one hell of a wing-man."

"Wait..." Damon said, Klaus looking at Damon as he stopped pouring down the blood.

"Now that's more like it." Klaus smirked. "I want you to join me for a drink." Klaus motioned one of the girls to Damon, a pretty blonde walking towards him to sit next to Damon, her neck exposed. Damon took a deep breath, his fangs only piercing out as he leaned over and bit down on the woman's soft skin, tasting fresh human blood for the first time in almost twenty years. He only took a small sip before looking back over to Klaus, fighting to stay in control. "Finish her. All of her." Klaus ordered.

Damon and Klaus locked eyes for a moment, then looking back to the blonde as Damon sank his fangs back into her and heavily drank. The woman's body went limp, falling to the floor as Damon's face changed into his Vampire nature.

"You do everything I say and I save Ashley. That's the deal." Klaus said, motioning another girl to sit down next to Damon, a long haired beautiful ginger this time. "Again." Klaus ordered. Katherine watched with a troubled look, knowing that soon Damon wasn't going to be able to control himself. Damon looked at Klaus with hatred, then turned towards the ginger and sank his fangs deeply into her neck, drinking heavily again.

After about fifteen minutes had passed there was blood all over the couch and floor, Damon having drained ten women dry of their blood as their bodies littered the floor. Klaus was very amused, though Katherine wasn't as she looked away; no matter what she always had a soft spot for the Salvatore brothers. Damon was breathing hard, blood smeared all over his mouth as he dropped the tenth body to the floor, only to gave Klaus motion yet another woman to Damon.

"Very cooperative. It's almost as if you're enjoying it." Klaus grinned.

"No more..." Damon growled. "Not until you give me the cure."

"Not until we make a deal. It's your choice, Damon. You can either remain here, living your life in Fells Church and leaving those beautiful children without a mother, or you can embrace what you truly are. You can leave town and save Ashley's life." Klaus responded. After a few moments Damon growled, sinking his fangs in the woman's neck and draining her dry. "That's the spirit." Klaus smiled, watching as Damon finished off the last two girls. When Klaus was finally satisfied he gave Damon a wet rag to clean himself off, then giving him the blood that would heal Ashley.

"So we truly have a deal then? I give Ashley the cure to save her in return of me joining you for a decade?" Damon asked, bringing Klaus to nod as Damon's face went back to normal, cleaning off the blood; there was nothing he could do about his shirt, it being stained heavily with his victim's blood.

"Yes." Klaus nodded. "Take the blood to Ashley, heal her, and then come right back here. If you don't return then I will slaughter everyone in that house, starting off with the two children and then Diana."

"I'll be back." Damon growled, leaving the house with his Vampire speed. The Vampire reached his house, opening the door and walking towards the stairs.

"What happened? Are you okay?" Diana asked in shock when seeing the blood.

"I'm fine." Damon said, walking passed Diana and up the stairs to Ashley's bedroom as Diana followed him.

"Well that happened? What kind of deal did you make? And whose blood is on you? Yours? Did Klaus hurt you?" Diana asked as Damon stopped walking, turning towards Diana.

"The only thing that matters is that Ashley and everyone else will be safe. You will be safe. Klaus is leaving town." Damon responded.

"He's leaving?" Diana asked in confusion.

"Yes. He made me promise that we wouldn't follow him, in exchange for his blood to heal Ashley. We made the deal." Damon lied, walking into the bedroom where he saw Ashley laying there. Without another word Damon quickly walked to the side of the bed and gently tilted Ashley's head up, feeding her the blood as he slowly tipped the opening of the glass into her mouth. "She'll be fine now." Damon said with a small smile, placing the emptied glass on the end-table. Damon then exited the room and started down the stairs, this behavior being nothing of Damon's as Stefan followed his brother out the door.

"What the hell is going on?" Stefan asked as he caught Damon's arm, the two brothers looking at each other.

"I have to go." Damon said.

"Go where?" Stefan asked.

"Back to Klaus, Stefan! I made a deal where Klaus give us his blood for exchanged for my freedom for a decade. I have to do everything he says and go with him." Damon said, Stefan's eyes widening.

"Why would you make that deal?" Stefan yelled.

"Because it was the only thing to save Ashley! Unless you would rather her die!" Damon yelled back, Stefan stubbornly looking down at the ground, to which Damon sighed as he calmed down. "Just... take care of Diana, okay? Promise me you'll look after her." Stefan looked up, giving his brother a nod.

"I promise." Stefan said.

"And make sure she doesn't try to find me. That won't fly over too well with Klaus." Stefan didn't have time to respond as Damon disappeared with his Vampire speed, Stefan looking back down at the ground in anger towards Klaus.
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