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Default Re: Click here for battles

Chloro Dojo Challenge
Helds On
Sleep Clause
Freeze Clause
Accuracy Clause
Evasion Clause
OHKO Clause
Rainy Weather/Cave Terrain
Challenger Sends First

Challenger Princess Crow vs Leader Airik

Electivire, Accelgor, Togekiss, ?????? vs Cradily, Serperior, Ludicolo, Whimsicott

It was a pretty intense battle. Electivire managed to KO both Cradily and Serperior, but not without damage. Ludicolo was sent in, and Princess Crow thought she could outspeed it with a Volt Switch. However, the Swift Swim really made a big impact on Princess Crow, as her Electivire was left with minimal HP and the Accelgor fainted entirely. However, Flying Gem Togekiss managed to pull back the lead and KO both Ludicolo and Whimsicott.

Princess Crow gains 2k, the Chloro Belt, and 1x TM Solarbeam
Airik gains 1k
Psychedelic Shroomish should get 2k for reffing
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