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Default Re: Voice Acting

Hai hai!

I got Gmod recently and I really wanted to animate a short scene. So I decided to make a little script with Scy's The Path of Destiny characters, Stormblade and Spark, a scyther and jolteon, respectively. So for this, I need two males, preferably American, and it would make me a lot happier if you've read The Path of Destiny.

Preference: Stormblade is a mature, older pokemon than Spark. He's usually happy, but also responsible and a little solemn sometimes. So I would rather a deepish voice for him, but not too deep, and preferably not gravelly.

Spark is younger and more playful, and has a little bit of recklessness to him. He's fun but also a little scathing sometimes, and is usually somewhat hasty. I would think a playful voice with a lot of emotion would work. 8D

In the past, Stormblade was played by Shen, and Spark by HKim, and can be heard in this video: click.

Thanks, guys! 8D Keep in mind that I might go back to Shen/HKim for these voices.

Edit: Okay, got the script!
Spark: What does a jolteon have to do to get some prey around here? They all ran off or something, I swear.

Stormblade: Prey may be scarce in these parts.

Spark: I couldn't find a thing all day. Did you?

Stormblade: No, I couldn't find anything either.

Spark, a little bit blaming: I bet they're scared of scyther.

Stormblade looks at him curiously
Spark: Well just look at you! You've got two scythes that could scare anything.

Stormblade, solemn and very slightly resentful: Even our trainer, it seems.

Spark, with a flash of anger: Don't bring Justin into this. *silence* You know, it's because of you that we're no longer with him.

Stormblade: I'm sorry you feel that way.

Stormblade flies away
Spark: *sigh* Oh great. Me and my big mouth.

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