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Default Re: Keldeo Contest: Crossword Puzzle and Word Search (Word Search Finally Up)


First Place

(Completed both Crossword and Word Search, at once might I add!)

Second Place

Pokemon Trainer Sarah
(A very humorous Crossword entry that had a lot more effort put into it for purely hilarious reasons)

Third Place

(Close race, but in the end yours was the most legible. That doesn't mean the others were bad, yours just had the right amount of non-squiggly lines and thickness to make it easy to read without being too much on the eyes ^^ )

Thank you guys for participating! It was a lot of fun making these puzzles for you...and if you wish to see more from me, just send me a PM asking for more! ^^ I'd be more than happy to help create events. Critique, suggestions, complaints, it'll all help me to create a better game for you guys~

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