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Default Re: Daily Chit Chat

Hi gais.

I don't see many familiar faces. I've been gone too long. :c I have a new laptop now but no internet still. Right now I'm piggybacking. Wooooo.

BUT YEAH. I have two jobs now and I'm fixing to start school back up so I will practically have no life. I also have the new Kingdom Hearts game and I am really enjoying it. <3

HOWEVER HOPEFULLY I will be moving into an apartment with mah boifran within the next two months (we were gonna do it this month but then we found out something was wrong with his car - that we will be sharing, mind you, since my mom wants my car - so he had to shell out almost $400 to fix it and it set us back a bit) so by then I can maybe browse the forum again and attempt to get back to being active.

anywho i need to go start getting ready for work ffffffff


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