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Character Name: Selena Celeste Velrona Pelereuse Mondove, though most call her 'Sel'
Pokemon: Serperior
Gender: Female
Faction: GTS+
Privateer Group: Global Mercenaries
Character Description: Sel wears a silver circlet upon her brow, signifying her upper class heritage. When she seeks to travel discreetly, she uses the circlet to hold a up a black mask that covers her face and shades her eyes. Around her neck lies a beautifully Minerian crafted necklace of silver, with a large emerald, though the gemstone usually remains hidden past her leaves. She wears varying colour cloaks, tailored to fasten around the first four feet of her body optionally, and drapes over her tail like a cape. At any given time there are two to four knife straps, though the one constant is a handsome dark rapier scabbard strapped to her back.
Character History: Selene was born to a rich lord and lady in Nomade, her mother a beautiful Serperior named Celestia, her father a powerful Cacturne named Velron Mondove. She was to be the younger of a pair, though the childbirth went wrong and Sel's sister died within a night. The grievous parents found it a blessing that Selene even survived, causing them to be extremely meticulous and over protective of their daughter. They named their newborn Selene, after her grandmother, and Pelereuse, the name they intended for her dead twin.

Sel was raised in a luxurious environment and was spoiled rotten in her youth. Her father worked as a diplomat for Nomade, which often caused him to be away. He often brought home craft from Mineria, such as jewelry, weaponry, and armour. His absences left Sel feeling distant from her father, carrying the negative feelings into her later years subconsciously as a hidden sense of abandonment. She learned to be independent, which frustrated her mother and filled her with worry.

At the age of sixteen, Selene evolved, and with her newfound power she became ever more troublesome for her parents. Velron returned home once to find her demanding heavily for extravagances. He grew angry and sent her to an orphanage called Arbeiten die Seele, sentencing her to a year of work there to learn the value of work and money. Selene cried for days before her departure, begging to be released from her punishment. Celestia promised to return for her the moment the year ended, giving her her family emerald necklace to signify her promise. Sel wore the gem for the rest of her life, though she kept it hidden in public.

Her initial view of the orphanage was contempt and shock. Though seeing how poor life was for the lower class horrified her, she remained firm in her demands for luxury, until she met a certain boy.

He was a handsome nuzleaf named Renado. Sel had angered the counselor after snottily refusing that day's food, calling it manure. She was told to work in the stable and clean up the Tauros poop, 'to learn what real droppings were like'. Renado watched her work from the nearby stall, laughing as she slipped and fell face first. In a rage, Selene threw a wad of the muck at him. The experience ended with them covered in the repulsive poop, both of them laughing at each other. Though sentenced to another day's work for dirtying the entire stable, they became the best of friends. Selene gave him her name, and Renado returned the favor. Selene dubbed him 'Renee', having misheard him. In turn Renee called her Sel.

Sel spent the rest of the year learning from Renee. He taught her how to survive on the streets, how to make a quick escape, and how to stay under the radar. She told him what it was like to live in a small castle, and told him the very stories her mother had once told her of far away lands where everything was perfect. He marveled at the idea, though he didn't believe it was as perfect as it sounded. Sel enjoyed telling him stories when she felt she was forgetting home. As the end of her punishment drew near, she made him a promise that they would return to Sel's home together.

War broke out among the nations. Sel waited for her mother and father to return and take her away, yet they failed to come. She grew heartbroken, believing they had left her for good. The war continued to ravage the land, and news of atrocities came from everywhere. The orphanage sent the youngest away, fearing the war would soon strike them. Renee and Sel remained among the few eldest, but soon even they were to be deported to a safer location.

Renee overheard the plans for them. He and Sel were to be placed in different locations far away from each other. He woke Sel in the night, demanding they run away together. She agreed, but she made him promise they would visit her home first. He reluctantly complied, and they left before dawn.

Using Renee's street smarts, they skirted the worst of the war and made their way to Velron's home. What awaited them was the aftermath of a massacre. The once proud structure lay in ruins, with dozens of bodies. Sel searched the rubble for her parents, though they were not to be found. Renee came upon a note, written in Minerian. Sel translated it as best she could, understanding enough to know her father had been taken for ransom and her mother was sent to the mines to work. Selene wept for them, with only Renado to comfort her.

She took from the rubble a Minerian blade, knives, and a mask that Velron had once bought for his wife. From the remains of the guard's armory she took a pistol, She swore to avenge them, setting out to find those who had taken them. For many years she traveled with Renee, learning to fight with a gun and sword.The war ended too soon for her, however, and she learned from rumor that her mother had died of grief. Her anger swelled, and she became violent in a bar when a drunk Minerian Feraligatr told a tale of a mighty victory against a Cacturne. Thinking the defeated Pokemon her father, Sel challenged the Minerian veteran to a duel. They crossed blades viciously. After several hours, the Minerian used his water abilities to nearly drown Sel. She fell unconscious in the end.

Renee ran to Sel's side, reviving her with mouth to mouth. As she woke, her strengthened and passionate love for Renado threw her into evolution, causing the Feraligatr to pause and watch. Selene drew her gun as the glow faded, holding it with her tail and aiming at the Feraligatr. Renado feared her vengeful state and knew her intentions. He leapt in front of the Feraligatr as the gun fired. The blast hit Renee directly in the shoulder. The Feraligatr, spared of what surely would have been death, fled. Sel rushed to Renee, sobbing as she cradled him with her tail. Renee whispered his last words to her, but by dawn he was dead. Selene buried him nearby, using her new powers to grow a rose bush over his grave.

Newly aware of the consequences for her rage, she decided to travel. She recalled a privateer group her father had mentioned once when she was a child and remembered her stories with Renee of a perfect land. Her fear initially made her fearful of exploration. Thinking of Renee, she left to search the new lands in his memory, knowing he would have wanted her to. She hunted down the Global Mercenaries and signed on to the crew, quickly learning the ropes and becoming a skilled sailor.

Weapons: Selene weilds a sharp rapier with a steel blade and a decorated handle fit for her tail. She keeps throwing knives for long range attacks, though she knows full well how to weild a gun. She simply avoids the firearms due to her trouble with weilding them and her sad memories attatched to them.
Other: Due to her fight with the Feraligatr, Selene is terrified of water, though she doesn't let it interfere with her work.
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