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Default Re: Through the Eyes of a Flareon ~ [PG] - Book Two

Originally Posted by VGBM View Post
Oh. Well hey, that means Dusty might finally get some answers from one of them.

Yep, especially at Etire.

Oh, neat, but I was mainly referring to how you get the syllables together in a way that makes them sound like actual words. I never understood how people were able to do that.
O: We shall see.

Definitely. XD He's certainly gonna cop it the worst.

I think it might be because I make up so many random names that I can pick the best ones and use them (or, well, maybe not even the best ones xD); I name every single pokemon in every pokemon game I have (which has the ability to be named, not like Conquest and such games) and have for a long time, so I think that's partly why I can choose the better ones and leave the silly ones to the in-game pokemon. XD It may also be that, I dunno, I've been a writer since I was about six (not that I had any idea how to write back then XD) so that also might help me generate knowledge of how to formulate appropriate word/letter/syllable combinations. I'm sure you'd be fine at it! I mean, you could even start with something as simple as combining words, like, I dunno, "fire" and "mirror." You could go, I dunno, Firror, but then if that sounds funny, change the last two letters to "en," another common duo of letters, so it's Firren. Then, if you like it, you could use that. Then again, this isn't the method I use to come up with my names. Sometimes it is, but that can be really hard. I mean, I dunno...usually names just pop into my head and I don't have to make them work. If they sound funny then I won't use them, but if not, then sure, I will! You can also start off by using words such as "Ribbon" and "Mask," which, in the right instance, could make a great name. Or compound words, such as what Scytherwolf does with The Path of Destiny-- "Redclaw," "Snowcrystal," "Wildflame," etc. That's also a good way to start.

I hope that helps a little! o:

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