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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

"This isn't going to turn out good..." The twins looked back to Ashley as she spoke weakly, looking between them. Ichiru tried to hide the worry in his expression, which was nearly impossible by now, and started to say something when a familiar voice suddenly entered the room.

"I'll make sure everything turns out fine." Along with the voice came a familiar face as well; none other than Elijah appeared in the room after speaking, and both Kiseki and Ichiru looked at him in shock.


"Hello Ashley." He greeted her with a smile, his gaze then shifting out the window. "I must say, you and Ichiru have produced very beautiful children."

Ichiru couldn’t help but smile along with Ashley, although his gaze fell back to the brunette as she closed her eyes and tried to sleep. Ichiru brushed his fingers across her cheek, only slightly relieved by Elijah’s presence. Normally he would have felt a lot better over seeing their old friend, but now he was concerned about what sort of deal Klaus wanted to make with Damon - and unfortunately, he and everyone else knew that no matter what it was, Damon would do it to save Ashley. That’s what was truly frightening about it.

A few minutes later, Kiseki had returned downstairs shortly after Ichiru started pacing again in Ashley’s room. The younger twin could barely keep from doing it himself, and was finding it hard to remain still any longer when the front door suddenly opened and Damon walked back in. Kiseki didn’t even realize he sprang up from his place on the couch at the sight of the older Vampire, whose shirt was soaked with blood.

Aiden’s defenses seemed to rise instinctively when seeing the older Vampire with blood on him, especially when he could tell that it wasn’t his own since the scents didn’t match. Kiseki seemed to notice this as well, which brought concern into his expression.

"What happened? Are you okay?" Diana was the first to speak, asking the questions on everyone’s minds.

"I'm fine." Damon responded simply as he passed her to go upstairs to Ashley‘s room. Kiseki and Aiden exchanged glances, the two of them somehow able to read the other‘s expressions and thoughts now ever since Kiseki had told the ginger to go after Kotomi after he had compelled Diana the day before. It was clear that both of them were thinking the same thing; something bad had happened.

"Well that happened? What kind of deal did you make? And whose blood is on you? Yours? Did Klaus hurt you?" Diana prompted, and Damon stopped walking to turn toward her as he responded.

"The only thing that matters is that Ashley and everyone else will be safe. You will be safe. Klaus is leaving town."

"He's leaving?" The confusion in Diana’s tone was apparent on both Aiden’s and Kiseki’s faces, the latter having started to follow Damon upstairs as well to see how Klaus’ blood fared with Ashley.

"Yes. He made me promise that we wouldn't follow him, in exchange for his blood to heal Ashley. We made the deal." The dark haired teen furrowed his brow in both suspicion and disbelief, somehow knowing that it wasn’t that simple. That just didn’t sound like Klaus.

Ichiru turned to look at the doorway when hearing Damon’s voice, seeing the older Vampire enter the room shortly after with a glass of blood in his hand. Without a word, he gently tilted Ashley’s head up and tipped the glass to slowly feed her the blood.

"She'll be fine now." He said with a small smile, placing the emptied glass on the end-table. As he exited the room, Ichiru’s gaze met Kiseki’s, the look in his eyes clearly showing what he was thinking. Damon hadn’t mentioned anything about the deal, and they all knew it couldn’t have been that easy. What was he hiding?

Aiden watched Damon come back downstairs shortly after he had gone up and head right for the door again, which even he knew wasn’t normal. Stefan followed him outside, and since he was near the window, Aiden could just make out some of what they were saying.

Kiseki came back downstairs out of worry, seeing the expression on the ginger’s face as he looked out the window.

“What is it? Where are Damon and Stefan?”

“They’re outside.” Aiden responded slowly, although Kiseki knew bad news was coming after the pause. “The deal Damon made was a decade if his freedom in exchange for Klaus’ blood.”

He didn’t have to say anymore before Kiseki was outside. He saw Stefan standing alone near the front door and looking at the ground, but Damon was nowhere to be found.

“…You let him go?” There was no anger in the dark haired teen’s voice as he spoke, his tone almost a whisper. He didn’t even really expect an answer to the question because it was obvious. Aiden appeared in the doorway behind him, having been afraid that Kiseki would do something regretful for some reason. Instead, he found the dark haired teen merely looking at the ground, his aura radiating grief. He looked at the ground himself, at a loss for what to say. Somehow it just didn’t seem like the odds were in this group’s favor at all since they had returned…
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