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Character Name: Silver McLockhart

Pokemon: Grovyle

Gender: Female

Faction: The Kingdom of Nomade - The Explorers (Global Trade Station Plus)

Privateer Group: Team Charge(GTS+)

Character Description: Silver is quite a bit different than the average Grovyle. Her reptillian Grovyle skin is slightly lighter and more grey than the average, giving it an almost silvery appearance, thus her namesake. Despite this, she's a bit thinner than the average as well, though this just gives her a more lean appearance, nothing too drastic.

The leaf blades on her arms are slightly longer and sharper than the norm, giving the effect of dagger-blades. The leaves on her body, as well as her stomach, are a slightly darker gray than the rest of her body, making her look like she's almost made of a metallic substance. Quite the opposite however, she's prone to being easily injured and is quite commonly found with more than a few bandages around her body.

Bright, icy blue eyes are often found glaring out from the depths of her face, usually directed at a comment Zorva had made. The leafy protrusion sprouting from the top of her head is a bit thinner than what it should be, although this is almost unnoticeable unless closely examined.

Commonly found is a boiled wool cloak draped across her back, hood pulled over her head. Usually, she doesn't have the hood up around he teammates, but in certain conditions, she enjoys the general reclusive nature of having most of her face hidden. Because she's a Nomande, she usually doesn't use the cloak for weather purposes, as she can adapt quickly enough, but it never hurts.

Another thing usually found on her person is the quiver and bow slung across her right shoulder. Usually within reach for emergencies, as she's very paranoid about fighting and the like. An Everstone on a leather string is tied in a pouch around her neck. Often enough, it's mistaken for something of much more value than an Everstone, however, because of the way she treats it.

Character History: Silver was born a Nomande, and is quite prepared to die a Nomande. Usually, she's very quiet about her past, not usually mentioning it in everyday talk. Of course, she was born as a Treecko, as green as any other. Over time, however, she gradually grew a bit lighter and more gray in coloration, until she is the light silver that she is now. Normally, this wouldn't cause a problem in her daily life, as the Nomande were prone to doing whatever they could to survive, and some adaptations were a little more bizarre than most.

She realized that she could stop growing lighter by staying at her current stage of evolution, so she gained an Everstone to keep her from doing so. Naturally, she still isn't sure why she is her color that she is now, but is quite positive it's only her color, as many a Grovyle has come and past her in strength, agility, and the like. That's not to say she isn't agile or quick, quite the contrary.

She dislikes how much she tends to stick out, however, thus the reason she wears a cloak. That, and because she generally dislikes talking face-to-face, because she has issues dealing with Pokémon she's never met before. After a good deal of talking, she has the tendency to bring the hood down abruptly and open up, slightly, like a clam revealing its pearl. Generally, this pearl is the slight narcissistic attitude problem she displays at times.*

For quite a while after her first evolution, Silver made her way as an everyday petty thief, her quick-mindedness and lithe speed a key component in a mass array of successful swipes of Apples and Seeds. It wasn't unusual for her to be caught every so often when she first started, but Silver managed to get better as she went on with it. She never tried to steal from the same place twice, and considering she kept constantly on the move, that wasn't too difficult.*

That's not to say there wasn't any consequences, no. Even with the adaptations and survivalist skills of the Nomande, Silver still had a bit of trouble getting enough, every now and then. Mostly around winter, as crops were scarce around that time and Pokémon generally wizened up about keeping an eye on their goods. But she managed to get by with plenty, as it was almost difficult to starve when you were a Nomande.

At around the equivalent age of 16 or 17, Silver began getting into a bit on the darker side of things, choosing to get a bit deeper into crime activities than the normal Pokémon. Working as a kind-of assassin or mercenary, Silver was a bit prone to more deadly means of income. Her archery skills and stealth made her efficient, but the guilt after completing a job or kill was just a smidgeon too much for her. The jobs were slightly tougher, and after months of working, Silver decided that she really couldn't live with the criminal life, petty thievery or assassinations or anything.

Turning her back on her past, Silver quickly turned to adventuring as a means of release, her thirst for excitement making her fairly good at it. Traveling for so long gave her a decent layout of the land where she grew up in, and coupled with her naturally excellent instincts, she realized she could go practically anywhere in her region.*

When she first heard of Mibou, Silver was skeptical about ever entering such a place. But the Grovyle couldn't deny that she had a thirst for the place, a longing to explore every inch of it and uncover the treasures as her own. But she needed a team, a trustworthy group that she could be loyal to and could explore with. Mibou demanded her attention, but it was simply impossible without a team. And so she set out looking for Pokémon.

Eventually, Silver met up with one of her current teammates, a Riolu known as Zorva. Cautious at first, the Riolu soon grew on her as a reliable trustworthy teammate(if a bit of a nuisance at times), and Silver quickly decided that they couldn't wait to go to Mibou. Together, in what felt like a century and a day, they managed to stockpile enough money for a shoddy boat for the journey. Shortly after purchasing the boat, however, another Pokémon joined their group, a Ninetails by the name of Victoria(Tori, for short). And so for Mibou they set off.

She never liked thinking of herself as a leader of sorts, actually leaving most(if not all) leaderlike duties to Zorva. Even so, she likes to do much of the talking and even more of the walking when she can. Overall, though, most navigation, planning, and the like she likes to entrust with her Riolu partner or Victoria. Even though sometimes their interests do happen to conflict pretty badly.

Weapons: She has a bow and quiver slung across her lizardlike back, reserved for long-range and nothing else. Up-close, her leafy blades do the talking, although she does prefer to use long-range whenever it's possible. The arrows lackadaisically arranged in her quiver are tipped with obsidian, black shafts, and are ended with black feathers at the tips. Needless to say, she doesn't want to give her position away with rainbow arrows sticking out every which way.

As for the bow itself, it's made out of the same wood as the arrow shafts, maintaining the stealthy, all-black approach. The quiver is made out of leather, as no Pokémon that she knows as an ally could work a metal one, and she claims that leather is lighter and more comfortable anyway. She's practically clueless about using anything else besides her bow and arm-leaf blades, and doesn't seek out any other weapons.

Not fond of swords or daggers, Silver would definitely rather shoot a bow from long distance than get in up close, painting her as a coward of sorts when it comes to fighting, especially in groups. That being said, she'd actually much rather fight than talk, as she's naturally untrustworthy of anyone besides her teammates, who she's loyal to until the very end.

Other: Wow that history was really half-assed, dwi.

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