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Originally Posted by mintjelly View Post
I have RE2 for the N64, and that game scares me so much when I play it.
RE2 was awesome - I love how bad-ass Leon is xD But yeah, it's brilliant. You ever played RE5? I scare easily, but all it does is make me stifle a yawn. I don't want the Las Plagas - GIVE ME ZOMBIEZ! xD

Oh yeah, I'm currently reading the book of the first Resident Evil (with Jill, Wesker, Barry, Chris - the S.T.A.R.S. team basically xD) and it's really good - brings back some memories :3

@gold: But it's so bad! Dx The games have lost their edge, now it's just a crappy survival game - have you played any of the old games? If you have, you'd want them to go back to how they used to be - terrifying with the traditional angled birds-eye view.

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