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Default Wake Up Battling Center Tourny ! #1 (IGN Tourny) Match-Ups Posted

Lets Face it Pe2k you fell asleep on the job, We still have this battling center only these days we’ve become more of just a chat center. Starting this month I’m going to be hosting
themed tournaments. They will be open for anyone to join. Each tourney will last two week (unless otherwise stated). This tourny sign up will end on Sunday August 26th. It will go from that Monday, Aug 27th until Sunday September 9th.

The winner of the tourny will be award any pokemon from a our great Battling Center Shop. The runner up will be rewarded a shiny pokemon from our collect.

This tourny's sign up begins today !
For those of you looking to have a little fun and just want to battle, tourny 1 is about battling wiht your in game team. the one we all love to battle with but didnt spend the time ev training or iv breeding !

6 v 6 IGT Challenge
The rules
.No iv bred or Ev trained allowed
.Basic Pe2k rules
.Freeze,Sleep, Species Clauses (all Basic Clauses !)
.No Ubers/Smogon Tiers
.Special Items Clause (No Life orb/choice items)
.Only 1 legend allowed

Sign-up Form
GMT/Time your online to battle:

Special Thanks to
Etymology for the banner
MintJelly for bringing up the idea and helping with the prize

If we can start hosting tournies successfully we will start bringing back battlers that left for more active forums, we can also attract new battlers !

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GCEA Link Page Pokemon Evolution List

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