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Default Re: 25 rare Pokemon consoles! Do you own any of these?

I have the gold/silver gameboy color!

That Pikachu GBA SP is awesome and I like the Venusaur one too. Would love to have either of them. I think the GBA SP is actually my favourite console. I really didn't like the shape of the GBA much and the GBA SP is like a neat, foldable gameboy color with a backlight, without the extra chunkiness of the DS and the second screen which is useless for most Pokemon games...

Anyway! Some pretty cool consoles here. I don't think I'd seen the Latios/Latias GBA before. I love the white Daisuki club DS Lite. They need to stop making the consoles bigger and bigger, they're supposed to be easily portable (think that went out the window when they switched to a charger rather than batteries though)!

Never knew Gameboy Lights even existed. The Pokemon one has a Bulbasaur silhoutte!
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