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Default Re: Who would YOU meet?

Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
Aw I wanna meet the mysterious Harry, too haha.

I've only met one person from PE2K, being Teo. I had never met anyone from the net before so it was pretty awkward at first. I think it's really strange when you know some well already through talking online but when you meet you're really still strangers. Guess it's a bit different if you're used to talking on skype and stuff beforehand though.

The only people I know that live relatively nearby are Graceful_Suicune and Gem N Ems who I will hopefully get to meet some day! Real life Pokemon buddies!
I just had a mind blowing revelation about you that I will explain on a further date.

Oh! I also met Jessu! HOW COULD I FORGET.:3 Spent a weekend, wasn't bad at all. Really fun actually. ;o 2 girls 1 LS wynaut

It's weird now that we're all grown up and are more capable to go further how we're all sort of meeting people here and there.
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