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Character Name: Jumaane 'Oldie Witherback' Mwani
Pokemon: Ivusaur
Gender: Male
Faction: Nomade
Privateer Group: Global Mercenaries
Character Description:
Jumaane, despite being a mere Ivusaur, is actually quite old. He made the conscious choice not to evolve into a Venusaur, out of personal preferrence rather than any sort of lack of strength and experience. Though he is still both as strong and nimble on his feet as he have always been, a life in harsh climate and hard work have left visible traits.

The most noticeable of such features are the large streaks of white that run across his flower bud. Though the petals themselves are still healthy and strong (just like the rest of Jumaane) they look kind of like a Rembrandt tulip, earning the Ivusaur the name of 'Witherback'. There are some minor chips and cuts in them.

He has grown a bit larger than your average Ivusaur, and somewhat stockier as well. Despite not having evolved, Witherback somehow grew the lower scizors of a Venusaur, and his spots have begun to fade with age. A number of scars run across his body, the most noticable one running down the right side of his head and taking a piece of his ear with it. It is connected to three large claw-marks that run down the side of his face, missing he eye with mere inches.

He carry a belt around his back bud, which hold most of the things he need. There's a small waterbottle and a pouch for berries, but also daggers and a few throwing knives. He even carry a pair of silver decorated flintlock pistols.

Character History:
Jumaane was born to a fisherman family and a fishermans village, and practially had his egg laid on board of a boat. There wasn't a day of his youth that he didn't cherish the scent of salt and seaweed, and that was a love than never perished as the little Bulbasaur grew older. His litter consisted of six other little bulb frogs, in total four brothers and two sisters, born to an Ivusaur father and a Venusaur mother.
His father was actually not that interested in the sea, preferring to tend to their family garden. He grew edible plants mostly, which was always a welcome addition to a diet that consisted mostly of sealife.
Jumaane's mom on the other hand was a fisherman down into the last little vein. She had mastered her Nomade abilities perfectly, and Jumaane remember watching her from the ship with his siblings as she swam underneath, using her vines as a fishing net and picking scallops as she passed them by.

He learned well from his mom, and the litter once received a fishing vessel as a birthday gift from their parents. They were thrilled by the idea of being able to set out alone, and they earned their living the fishermans way. They were gone for hours at the time, then dawn till dusk - then, days would pass by without them returning. With time, they fared further and further away from their childhood home, eventually leaving it behind entirely as they grew into young adults with a lust for discovery.

From that day on, Juma and his siblings rarely left the sea for long. Nothing seemed to calm their love for the open blues, even with the accidents that would sometimes occur. It was a dangerous job. First was Isac, the youngest. He was a funny bloke, but careless. He was taken down by a Sharpedo as he fought another, believing there was only one. Issiyah was next, who was simply lost at sea as a wave carried him over board one stormy night while he was cheking the sails. A few years down the road, it was Nnemni and Gwewen - thieves had snuck on board the small ship and killed the Bulbasaurs as they realized that they had been discovered. Now, only three remained - there was Jumaani of course. His brother Chuma was still around, and his sister, Nnaya.

They carried on this way for years. They had all evolved into Ivusaurs by now, Chuma even becoming a Venusaur at a relatively early age. Though it had proven to be a dangerous life, they were still seaborn, and they'd be sea-dead as far as they were concerned. Years turned to decades, and, well, nature happened.
Eventually, Nnaya moved out and onto the mainland to settle down and start a family of her own. Chuma had fallen for a Scyther, and Juma himself had lovely little lady companion in another Ivusaur that he had met at port.
It was with this that Jumaane left his childhood vessel, purchasing two of his own with long-since saved money. One was his fishing vessel, but the other one never left the docks of the little fishing village where the two Ivusaur had settled - it was their home. Soon enough, Jumaane watched as his own sons and daughters begun to fall in love with the sea.

Years passed and turned into decades. Jumaane and his wife had had many children, most of which had moved out and settled themselves. They had decided that the Bulbasaur currently at home would be the last they'd have before they both retired and called it quits.
But life sometimes take unexpected turns, and Jumaane returned home from a fishing trip only to see the village in flames. Another war was upon them, and Jumaane was only one of the many Lurra who had to pay the price for the foolishness of nobles. His home boat had been sunk, and the bodies of his family and his neighbors fretted restlessly in the water.

ut of himself by the grief, Jumaane begun to live for revenge. His home had been attacked by Miniera ships - none really stood a chance. They were fishermen, not trained soliders. He collected the corpses of his loved ones and burned them at sea together with his fishing boat, the only burial that was quick enough for their bodies not to completely rot away. Once he had wept and collected what little belongings he could claim from the rubble, Jumaane left for the city.

He took a job as a pirate. Paid by the Nomade to kill the Minierans - that was an excellent outlook in Jumaanes ears. He wasn't a youngone anymore, but neither was he weak or fragile - Jumaane, or 'Oldie Witherback' as he had begun to be called due to his whitening bud, was still a very much lethal force. He was beyond skilled with his knives, and not too shabby with navigation or environment manipulation either.

He eventualy found himself in a bar, being offered a free pint by a Floatzel. This sea otter guy, Marco, was the head of the ship called the Rising Sun. He was looking for crewmembers to bring to this new region thing that everyone was so hyped up about, and Witherback happily accepted a spot in his crew. His grief had begun to settle and his bitterness with it - his hatred for the Minierans had eased off as the years had passed - but damn him if he let the Minieran guys actually take over the damn place! Over his dead, decaying body!

So without much further ado, Oldie Witherback (now only rarely called Jumaane) set out the following morning, with a bunch of idiots, some kids, and a Captain that ended up falling overboard. He's got a bad feeling about this trip, to be honest with you... not that he doesn't love every minute of it.

Weapons: Witherback have four daggers attached to the belt around his bud. He swings them around with his vines with deadly prescision, and he also carry some throwing knives. Other: (Anything else you would like to say about your character goes here.)
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