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Default Re: [SU] The Battle of Aloria [SU] (Revived)

Height: a staggering 8"6'
Eye color: Red
Hair color: brown, and no facial hair
Bio: His town was destroyed by Xanthros' army, so he is trying to avenge their deaths in any way possible. While he was traveling, he stumbled into a cave and found a set of armor, floating on its own. He picked it up and put it on and in doing so called the guardian of the armor, a rapidash, whom he fought and eventually outwitted. He managed to get the Rapidashes loyalty after telling him his story. From there he rode to the nearest sign up outpost, signing up for the kings army. Two uneventful years later he gets sent in a cavalry squad, and manages to be the only survivor. A molted descended on the blood soaked battlefield and takes pity on the young man agreeing to help him avenge his towns death.
Relatives: two sisters a brother, all deceased
Powers: he can call the fury of fire around his lance to make a giant flaming apparition of moltres around it.
Weapons: a lance that has two edges instead of being round, that has runes etched on it from Moltres.

Ricardo the Rapidash
Moves: speed, fire blast, tackle, bite
Personality: gets caught up in the moment, very protective of his friends, and will do anything for his friends.

Sethura the Moltres
Gender: male
Moves: Fire Blast, Overheat, fly, scratch
Bio: flew eternally until he could find his "partner" with whom he could understand, and fulfill the prophecy:"you will find him in a field of red, orphaned he shall be, in cursed armor" and he flew until he met tye, who is now his partner, friend, and helper.