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Default Re: Dungeons & Dragonites: Darkest Path [SU/DS]

Name: narphoenix (Call me Nar)

Character: Daniel Thresh

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Species: Variable (Born Human)

Class: Magus- talents lie in biomancy (healing and shapehifting)

Appearance: Daniel in human form stands at 2 meters exactly. His skin is black, although it is usually covered by a robe of various shades of navy. His black hair is cut extremely short, and his lips and chin are covered in stubble of the same shade. His black eyes are harsh and unforgiving, yet give the appearance of him being not all there, as though he is focusing on something not of this world. He is always moving around, whether by shaking his leg, twiddling his thumbs, or pacing about. He places deep value on his thoughts, and will deliver the the Death Glare to end all death glares if he's working on a problem and he's interrupted. He has a thin frame, although it has quite a bit of muscle on it as well. He has a mass of about 80 kg.

Personality: Daniel is brilliant. He is capable of connecting many unrelated concepts and yielding fruit from his connections. He is talented in the art of remembering and preserving details in many situations, even under high stress. He has mastered the art of healing on humans, something that requires extensive amounts of knowledge of anatomy to accomplish, and he is capable of extrapolating his results to many other beings as well. He is capable of creatively using his healing magic in ways that would not occur to many others (for example, he is currently working on a technique that would allow him to manipulate his own bones as weapons, using his healing to avoid large amounts of harm). He is capable of analyzing things not only from a magical point of view, but from a scientific and logical point of view as well.

There's just one slight problem: Daniel seems to have taken his lessons in bedside manner from a certain Dr. Gregory House.

Yes, Daniel suffers from a personality disorder best described as Complete Douchebag Syndrome. He delivers the most withering remarks to basically everyone, and does so rather gleefully as well. He seems to have a gift for finding out what, precisely, angers someone the most, then ensuring they are exposed to it. This not even accidental: he seems to revel in being a jerk to everyone he meets. He has an absolute disdain for almost the entirety of humanity and most Pokemon, and he is not afraid to show it. He does not even show any displays of emotion while being a jerk, preferring to calmly react to everything, whether it's a wide eyed innocent little puppy or an axe wielding maniac attepmting to decapitate him.

That said, he believes, in his own way, providing for his fellow man. He will almost never turn down anyone seeking his help in healing, even though he will probably be mocking his patients the entire time. He is capable of respect, if you've done something as simple as pull the moon into the sun while reciting the entirety of the Odyssey in original Greek and performing complex gymnastics routines in only a tutu, as well as sympathy, if you have been slowly tortured and violated while seeing your friends and family betray you one by one until the only person you have left in the world is yourself, and then losing all hope in that person, too.

History: Daniel was an accident, born to a mother who didn't intend him to exist and a father who knew his mother (pun intended) for all of one night. His mother was incapable of and unwilling to take care a child, and so she very wisely dropped him off at the nearest orphanage, never to see him again.

For the next decade of his life, Daniel was simply bored out of his mind. The orphanage he had attended was rather progressive in terms of teaching and learning, so Daniel was able to learn how to read. And he learned quickly: by the age of 5 he had read every book the orphanage had to offer enough times to almost being able to recite what each word on the page's position (this is an exxageration, but you get the point). He also learned how to learn, forming new ideas from the ones he already had. This skill also began to develop into perception: he could deduce most of the things everyone around him was up to quite easily. He was alienated at the orphanage, not because he was a "speshul smarthead", but because he enjoyed using this information to mock everyone around him. When asked for a reason, he simply stated,"it is within the rights of the intelligent to make fun of the idiots."

One day, while he was ceaselessly verbally eviscerating a poor soul who made the mistake of interrupting his thinking, he noticed a dark skinned, white-haired old woman talking to the head of the orphanage. At first, he thought nothing of it, and went back to his thinking (dismissing the poor soul). However, he saw the matron of the orphanage coming to him with an expression of the purest relief on her face. He saw the old woman signed a couple of papers, and the matron explained that the woman was adopting him. Within the afternoon, Daniel was out the door.

The old woman introduced herself only as Teacher, and explained to Daniel that she felt a potential magical talent from him. He reacted with skepticism, right up until Teacher rolled up her sleeves, walked about 10 feet away from Daniel, and knocked him off his feet with only a word. Daniel decided to take her word for it, and asked if he really could learn how to perform similiar feats. She promised him that he could preform many remarkable things, but that he had to learn quite a bit. She told him that she heard of his mind, and she promised that his work in magic would stretch it to the absolute maximum. She also said that learning practical magic was not for the faint of heart, and that it was going to hurt quite a bit. Daniel took her word of pain as a challenge from which he refused to back down.

Oh boy, did Teacher deliver on her warning. Every morning, Teacher drilled Daniel in magical theory ceaselessly, explaining the way magic works and how he could use it to his advantage. In the afternoon, she taught him practical magic in three hour sessions of positive torture (for example, to teach him how to make a shield, Teacher first pitched stones as hard as she could at him, and then had a Blaziken she kept around do the same), which generally ended with him bruised, bloody, and exhausted. In the evening, he was given exercises to develop his own spells, as well as training in other subjects (Teacher didn't want a student who was oblivious to the world), including the languages Hebrew, Greek, and Latin, scientific theory and practice, and mathematics. Daniel was generally very tired by the end of the day.

But instead of balking, Daniel loved the program (as masochistic as that sounds). It was the first time in a long time he was actually mentally challenged in anything. He fought everyday to improve himself, and he could feel himself becoming stronger. He was able, even, to extract a kind word or two from Teacher as he tried to go above and beyond what she gave him (and succeeding occasionally) As time wore on, both teacher and Daniel noticed that Daniel had a particular talent for spells involving biological processes. When Daniel was fifteen, Teacher began to direct her teaching into specializing Daniel in biomancy. Magical theory was directed into anatomy, and practice involved healing Teacher and her Blaziken on after battle (for the darkness was beginning to take over the land, and Teacher would be damned before she let some tiny little Age of Darkness get her down) as well as injuries Daniel was told to inflict on himself or that Teacher inflicted on him (Daniel, oddly enough, developed a very high pain tolerance during this time). At the age of 18, Daniel's formal apprenticeship ended with Teacher, although she allowed him a place to stay due to the darkness slowly consuming the land (as well as having a convenient, free healer).

Over his apprenticeship, Daniel had learned to consider Teacher a mother figure (if a very strict one) and sought impress her with a very interesting and dangerous piece of magic that happened to be right up his alley: shapeshifting. Daniel, having healed Teacher's Blaziken on a nightly basis, decided that the fighting chicken would be an ideal form to take. He studied the theory of the art for quite some time, as well as getting hands on experience learning the form of Blaziken inside and out. He managed to transform and transform back in secret several times, until the spell became natural for him. However, on the day he was going to show Teacher, something horrible happened.

As mentioned before, Teacher wasn't going to let some minor thing like heralds of dark and horrible times dictate what she did and how she did it. Therefore, Teacher had pissed quite a few people off. So on the day Daniel was going to show Teacher his little nifty trick, Teacher's house was besieged by the armies of darkness. Daniel, Teacher, and Teacher's Blaziken did not yield (surprise) and fought them. Teacher's Blaziken was killed by a lucky shot while he was looking the other way, leaving Teacher and Daniel fighting together. Then, Teacher stabbed in the stomach with a sword.

Teacher taught Daniel to suppress his emotions so that they can be worked into his magic. Therefore, while it appeared that Daniel was perfectly stoic at Teacher receiving a probably fatal wound, the destruction Daniel wrought testified otherwise. He transformed into Blaziken form, and ripped the remaining fifth of the army a new one. But he didn't care at that point how many new ones he ripped, because once it was over, he immediately transformed into human form and ran to where Teacher laid in an attempt to heal her.

She glared at him,"Boy, this is not a wound you, or anyone for that matter, can heal. Today is my dying day, so instead of wasting the little energy you have left on something futile, do something productive and listen to my final advice. This darkness descending upon the land is going to continue on its path of destruction. It will take remarkable people to stop it. As a final favor to your dear teacher you are to help, because you are capable. Your intelligence will serve you, as will your considerable willpower. Use them and you will beat any obstacle in your way, whether through it or around it. Fight, and win." Those were her last words.

Daniel buried Teacher in secret that night alongside her Blazkien, marked by symbols that only appeared as marks in stone laid above the burial site, so that no one could desecrate the grave. Then he gathered up all the supplies he could use, and what he couldn't, he stored in Teacher's house, which he then burned to the ground.

Daniel spent his time fighting the forces of the darkness when he could, whether directly or by healing those it left wounded. A month into his travels, he was traveling across the water, when he all of a sudden felt his life force draining out of him for seemingly no reason. Daniel, learned in the manipulation of the energy, cut off the flow and was able to stop the energy from leaving his body. He then pulled a sandwich out of his backpack, and ate it to restore it. When he was polishing off the sandwich, he saw a shadow in the water. The shadow rose out of the water, and Daniel saw it form a male Jellicent. As telepathy is something Daniel learned in his first days as an apprentice to Teacher, he reached out with his mind and spoke to the ghostly denizen of the water. The Jellicent introduced himself as Samael, and inquired as to how Daniel was able to stop the jelly's feeding. Daniel confidently replied that the magus had power the Jellicent could not understand, and that the human could kill Samael where floated. Samael, impressed, expressed a wish to travel with Daniel. Daniel debated briefly (after all, the Jellicent tried to eat him), but in the end decided that Samael could join him on the condition that Samael assisted Daniel in fighting the darkness. The Jellicent obliged.

*Strength: 12
*Dexterity: 12
*Constitution: 12
*Intelligence: 18
*Wisdom: 14
*Charisma: 8


Robes- Daniel worked on his robes on day and night, weaving wards and defensive spells into the fabric. They are not very baggy, and are called robes quite generously: they're actually more like a coat, as they don't even reach too far down below his waist.

Ring- A small silver ring Daniel wears on his right finger that has an emerald set in the middle. He uses it primarily to help with his own healing magics. Daniel learned to transform with it on, so it doesn't come off when he shapeshifts.

Athame (x2)- Two blades that Daniel uses when he needs to focus more biomancy in less time. They are simple daggers: the blades are about about 20cm long, with an additional 15cm dedicated to the handle, and they are covered in various designs that make focusing magic through them easier. He keeps one concealed somewhere on his robe, the other in his spare.

Bracelet- A simple silver band on Daniel's right wrist that allows him to produce a slightly more stable shield than normal.

Assorted knives (x7)- These knives aren't very good at serving as magical foci, but they are capable of being pointy. Most of them are hidden in his pack; however, one of them his hidden in his robe instead, and another in his spare.

Pack- Worn over the shoulder. Holds quite a bit. It has an enchantment by Teacher that does not allow it to be taken (and it does not open) but by the current owner's consent.

Provisions (Three days' worth)- Food. Non perishable. Omnomnom.

Various herbs and healing supplies- Self-explanatory

Wood Canteen- Filled with about a day's worth of water, more if Daniel is careful

Spare Robes- For if he loses the old ones. Same design, color, armor, blah.

Currency: Two Gold Coins worth, broken up as I find convenient in the RP


[Samael] Jellicent (M)
Ability: Cursed Body
Moves: Scald, Recover, Toxic, Ice Beam
Sig Move: Life Drain- A ghostly move that slowly drains the opponent of life while healing Samael (like Leech seed)

Spells: (Normal text indicates he can use it now, italicized later)

Wizard Senses- What allows a Magus to Magic things. Daniel can feel traces of magic around him, particularly if he concentrates. This gift also allows him to use his magic, see how powerful others are in the Art, as well as see through most disguises (if one kind of creature is posing as another).

Healing- Daniel's main shtick. Especially with the ring on his right hand as a focus, he is capable of healing most vertebrates. As long as he wears the ring, he will heal more quickly as well due to an enchantment he placed on it.
*Bone Manipulation- Daniel's been working on this; once he is able to use it, he will be capable of doing things like shooting bone from his fingers like a gun or making elbow blades like a Gallade.

Perfect Control- Daniel has perfect control of his biological reactions, and can quiet his emotional responses to the point of nondetectability to even the most attuned to biological reactions. Alternately, he can use this to does himself with a burst of adrenaline to give him strength.
*Emotion Sense- Upon gaining this ability, Daniel will be able to sense the biological state of others to such a refined point that he can accurate detect their emotions.
**Emotion Manipulation- When Daniel learns to understand emotions via biological signs, he can learn how to manipulate the biologies of those around him to control their emotional state to a limited extent.
***ATP Channel- When Daniel can passively sense the life force of those around him, he can take amounts of it from others to fuel his spells. Not too much at once, though, as that might cause him to burn alive.

Shapeshifting (Blaziken)- Daniel can shapeshift into a Blaziken. In this form, he is capable of using the moves Flare Blitz, Hi Jump Kick, Shadow Claw, and Protect. His ability is Speed Boost, and he has no signature technique.
*Shapeshifting (Additional Forms)- if Daniel is given ample time to study a vertebrate's anatomy, he can learn how to transform into it.

Chloromancy- Plant manipulation (I'm sacrificing a bit of accuracy in the prefix for the sake of a more awesome sounding name). Technically, he's already capable of it, but he can't do much more than make a flower bloom: he isn't weaponing it without quite a bit of effort, effort he's putting more into the magics listed above

Assorted other magics- As a Magus, Daniel is technically capable of using all sorts of spells. He can throw up a decent shield with (a lot of) effort, for example, although it'll probably shatter after stopping about one arrow. Daniel using magics other than biomancy is analogous to a photographer trying to paint: the rules are technically the same, but the tools are so vastly different that the resulting work would be far cruder than the artists' (and magic IS an art) work in the areas that they navigate best in, or else would take far longer to accomplish.


Natural Spell
Iron Will
Cold Reading


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