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Character Name: Robert “Dodger” Reinse
Pokemon: Dewott
Gender: Male
Faction: Nomade
Privateer Group: Global Mercenaries
Character Description: Muscular, and a bit taller then the average Dewott, it’s fairly easy to see Dodger in a crowd. The Dewott’s eyes are mismatched, green right, red left. The left eye is false, a glass eye. This is made most obvious by a scar that runs from his left cheek to his forehead, running over the eye. Further scars run along his torso, arms, and legs. The Dewott wears a pair of brown pants, with his species’ trademark scalchops tied to a belt. The rest of his torso is bandaged.
Character History: Being the same species as the legendary explorer Curant, Dodger always felt like he had large shoes to fill. The eldest of five, Robert, Dodger to his friends, is quite used to responsibility. And blowing it off. Something of a ruffian, the Dewott commonly got into fights with members of the convoy he traveled with. A master with his scalchops, the Dewott rarely lost these conflicts, though they did leave him with many scars to brag about.

That all changed in an instant. Letting his ego get the better of him, the Dewott lowered his guard on a downed opponent, and quickly found himself lacking in the ocular department. As it turns out, depth perception is a highly necessary skill when it comes to melee fighting. His parents, master artisans, made a false eye for him, giving it an intimidating red iris. Despite their craftsmanship, the eye was nearly always sore, and somewhat fragile. Dodger’s mood quickly plummeted.

Finally, the leaders of his convoy could take it no longer. The Dewott was expelled, left behind in a nearby city. A friend of his, Arkady, stayed behind with him. It was here that the two first heard rumors of a legendary Staff of Healing, said to be somewhere on the new continent. This staff was said to be able to heal any wound, including the Dewott’s missing eye. The two set out to acquire a means of travelling across the waves.

After a few months of searching, the two finally found positions on the Rising Sun. The Dewott, during this time, had switched his focus from his scalchops to firearms, a weapon that only required one good eye. As such, he was given the gunner position, maintaining and putting to use the fluyt’s twelve cannons. He’s come to appreciate the smell of gunpowder.
Weapons: Dodger carries a pair of snaphance pistols. Should his eye be restored, he might also take to using his scalchops in combat, and reclaim his yatagan from Arkady.
Other: Dodger is 20 years old.

Character Name: Arkady “Ark” Dragic
Pokemon: Mienfoo
Gender: Male
Faction: Nomade
Privateer Group: Global Mercenaries
Character Description: Wiry, and a bit short for his species, Arkady is, in many ways, Dodger’s opposite. Though, at the same time, he’s still easily taller then the Dewott. Also in contrast to the Dewott, Arkady has not a single noticeable scar on his body. He wears a pair of blue pants, with a crimson sash around his waist. Said sash has a scabbard and blade hooked to it.
Character History: An only child, Arkady largely grew up surrounded by Dodger and the Pokemon the Dewott attracted. Small for his size, Arkady never was very physically strong. So, when it came to keeping up with his friends, the Mienfoo turned to speed and stealth. Armed with knives, he found quick ways to neutralize his opponents while not getting himself harmed.

When Dodger lost his eye, he eventually entrusted his sword to Arkady. When things went further south, and Dodger was expelled, Arkady was the only member of their little group to follow. It was Arkady who sniffed out the rumors of the Staff of Healing, and found them a ship that they could use to travel to Kibou. Once they find the staff and restore Dodger’s eye, Arkady fully plans to return the Dewott’s sword. In the meantime, he aids his comrade with the cannons.
Weapons: Arkady wields a pair of knives, suited to his abilities. He carries a stiletto, for stabbing, and a short baselard, for cutting. In addition, he is currently in possession of Dodger’s yatagan, though he rarely uses it.
Other: Arkady is 19.

Hope it's not too late to add a few more characters. I've also updated Richard's sign up to include his age.
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