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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

Ichiru saw Diana quickly wiping what appeared to be tears from her eyes, which only deepened his concern. He noticed the papers that she shoved into the closet, which brought his curiosity back to the surface, but from her reaction to them, he knew that whatever they were, they weren’t good.

"Stefan has been keeping track of Damon's victims, but I'm sure you already knew that." She finally responded to him with a growl, and Ichiru only looked at her in confusion. He had never heard any mention of Stefan keeping track of Damon’s victims, or that Damon even had any victims in the first place. He opened his mouth to respond, but Stefan’s voice stopped him.

"No one else knew, Diana. I kept it to myself."

"You've been tracking Damon?" Ichiru turned to see that Lexi and most of the group had come upstairs as well, hearing Stefan’s and Diana’s words.

"He's my brother. I had to make sure he was okay."

"But you could had told us." Caroline crossed her arms as Kiseki walked up beside her.

"If I told you guys I was tracking him then at least one of you would had gone after him! Especially you two!" Stefan looked over to Diana and Kotomi, who both looked away in response. Unfortunately, they all knew it was true. Ichiru glanced at Kiseki, who had dropped his gaze to the ground as well. He knew his brother would have gone as well, despite what he was told to do.

"Stefan did the right thing by not telling us." The twins turned their gaze to Ashley, who had just come from the toddlers‘ room. "Because I would had gone after him since it's my fault that he's gone."

"No one blames you for what had happened." Kol told her kindly.

"If I never got bitten by Klaus then Damon would still be here right now." Ashley reminded him.

"Klaus is unpredictable so we never knew he was going to do that." Isobel said, bringing Ashley to sigh.

"The important thing is that Damon is okay, so let's just try and enjoy the day." Kotomi suggested. "Besides, it's almost Christmas." Her words seemed to calm most of them down, even Diana. Another cough came from the children’s room, and the young Witch headed for the stairs.

"I know you don't want to give them Vampire blood or anything but I can make some herbal tea that will speed up the healing process a little bit. It's all natural herbs so it's nothing Supernatural." She said as she turned to Ashley, who smiled and nodded.

Around ten minutes later, Diana gave two mugs of the finished tea to Ashley while the rest of the group relaxed in the living room again. However, it was probably safe to assume that a lot of them were now concerned about Damon. Even Ichiru hadn’t guessed that Klaus had actually convinced him to kill anyone. The only way for him to do such at thing after allowing himself to feel humanity was to cut it back off. Ichiru hadn’t heard the conversation between Damon and Diana, but he was pretty sure that this was the case. No one could make that big of a change without shutting off their humanity.

The front door opened shortly after Ashley took the mugs of tea from Diana, and Mason walked inside. Kiseki and Aiden, who had been having one of their usual arguments, noticed Ashley talking to Diana. Aiden gave a slight smirk, knowing exactly what the two were talking about.

“What?” He looked over to Kiseki, who hadn’t caught on to Ashley’s and Diana’s conversation, but had noticed the smirk on Aiden’s face.

“Nothing.” He sat down on the couch beside Kotomi as Kiseki scowled at his response. “We may have a new couple soon.” Kiseki looked at him in confusion before following his gaze over to Mason and Diana, who were sitting on the couch together now. He noticed instantly that Diana was sitting closer to the Werewolf than usual, and it was then that he understood what Aiden meant.

"Is... is everything okay? Do you need to tell me something?" Mason was asking.

"Well... in a way." Diana smiled, leaning over to give Mason a kiss. This confirmed Aiden’s and Kiseki’s thoughts, although the latter still looked surprised - but not more so than Mason was at first. After the two broke the kiss, Diana spoke again. "What do you say? Would you want to make everything official?"

"Us? Being together?" Diana nodded at Mason’s words. The Werewolf smiled and gently placed his hand on her cheek. "More than anything." He leaned forward and connected his lips with hers for a few moments, bringing Caroline to giggle.

"Get a room you two." Diana and Mason laughed as well, and Kiseki heard Aiden give a chuckle as well as the dark haired teen walked over to Caroline.

"Gladly." Mason joked, receiving an elbow in his ribs from Diana, though she was still laughing. Kiseki couldn't help but feel sorry for Damon as he looked at the two, because he knew how much Damon had loved Diana, but at this point it really didn't seem like he was coming back. They all knew it wasn't good for Diana to hold on to him, especially with how long ten years would be to someone who wasn't a Vampire.
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