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Default Re: Clan Sizes are going to change (Discussion )

Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
well we can work on what to do with people who have gone inactive, maybe allow for 2 people to be on your inactive list. Inactive members are not a concern right now. Ways to get this place going again is.
If 5 is to low then we can move it to ten, either way, the number has to change.

Then second thing your describing would a club, the only problem with that is clubs dont battle each other. This needs to be about battling, weather it be wifi or po/showdown. Now recruiting people who are willing to battle or at least try is a great idea. They could end up getting more into it.

Also, remember I am going to be trying some new tournies/alternative wars. So that everyone can participate.
like you said, it's time for a change to boost activity, and changing clan sizes doesn't really do much IMO, it seems like right now there are only 15 or so active members in the battling clan and, i don't know how active the other sections are, if we could translate some of that activity into the battling center that would probably be the simplest way to boost activity,

i don't think people are willing to invest that much time since it became a lot more difficult to get a level 100 pokemon when they nerfed the battling system and forced everyone to directly level their pokemon to 100, offering services to help new and old battlers to get level 100 pokemon as well as breeding flawless/semi-flawless pokemon and ev training would do a lot in bringing people back i think

maybe for the current In-game team tourney you can offer a full team of competitive pokemon to draw more new people, as well as bringing back the tutoring system, helping people get competitively viable pokemon would be a huge step, and one that i think needs to be tried out with shrinking the clans, if not before
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