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Default The Trading Post

Wi-Fi League Trading Post

Did you know that the PokeGear 3.0 allows you to trade Pokemon or items with anyone in the Celestia Region no matter your location? Well now you do! If you're interested in trading Pokemon or items with someone in Celestia, you can do so here. You can also put Pokemon or items up for trade to see if anyone's interested.

Note: This thread is ONLY for trading Pokemon or items that you already own in the Wi-Fi League.

-If you are ready to trade, simply post the correct form below. The person you are trading with (trading partner) must confirm your post. An official will then approve the trade.
-If trading Pokemon, you MUST get onto Wi-Fi and trade the EXACT Pokemon from your WFL stats. The person receiving the Pokemon MUST use the EXACT Pokemon they received.
-If you are trading items, you DO NOT need to get onto Wi-Fi to trade. Once your trade is approved, simply make the changes to your league stats.

-If you want to put a Pokemon/Item up for trade, fill in the correct form below and post it here.
-If you are interested in a Pokemon/Item posted here, contact the person through VM or PM to save cluttering up the thread.
-If your Pokemon/Item is no longer up for trade, you should edit your post to say so.

Trading Pokemon with someone
Pokemon sending:
Link to your stats:

Username of trading partner:
Pokemon receiving:
Link to trading partner's stats:
Putting a Pokemon up for trade*
Pokemon up for trade:
Link to stats:
Pokemon you are interested in:
*Include as much information as possible about your Pokemon. All information in the form is REQUIRED, any other information is OPTIONAL but recommended.

Trading Items with someone:
Item sending:
Link to your stats:

Item receiving:
Username of trading partner:
Link to trading partner's stats:
Putting an Item up for trade
Item up for trade:
What you would like in return:

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