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Default Re: Clan Sizes are going to change (Discussion )

Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
I can address some of this, I agree that people get nerfed about having to level up. This is one of the reason im working on a official trade shop that will offer these survives. Im going to be honest though, I can not be responsible for all of this on my own. I have a lot of stuff to do on this forum as is. Some of you are going to need to step up. If its donating pokemon, breeding new pokemon or just helping with ev training, leveling up. The battling center was okay in the past because we so many members to do different things. Unfortunately because of the nature of clans and the competitive nature of battling centers in general, there was no real unity. This is what I mean about changing, we have to work together to fix this place. So anyone who can offer some service, which as I said could be breeding, ev training, even tutoring will be of great help.

I dont have a whole team to offer, I have a limited stock and most of them are just iv breed pokemon, I only have a hand full of great max ev breed pokemon. I might start looking to the clan members to donate to help out a shop that everyone can use.

As far as future plans, I have a new arena in the works to help draw people in, I have not finished the fine details but the arena will give people a whole team to battle with. So anyone with wifi would be able to join in !
I'll help as much as i'm able to, with limited access to wifi right now, not much i can do, but i can breed semi flawless, as well as clone any EV'd pokemon i have and donate them, i think i'm somewhere around 3 or 4 boxes of ev'd pokemon as well as a cloned NFE of said ev'd pokemon, and i was thinking that if you decide to offer a full team, for the winner and they're new to competitive battling someone can help them come up with the team as well as tutor them how to use it

i agree though, we were more of a splintered section because of the competitive nature of the clans, but we're all gonna have to pull weight to get this thing up and running, at the moment i'm willing to help in the battling center as much as i'm able to outside of work and school (i'm also a clan leader for MW3 and that takes up some time, at least until i can get access to wifi,

so if you need some help let me know

does anyone think that if we post vids of competitive battles with commentary, that it might get people excited to try competitive battling? i know that's how i initially got into it, that and my kid nephew kicking my rear end at what i thought was just a kids game
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