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Default PokeMart

The PokéMart

Have you ever noticed how all PokéMarts look the same? Strange, isn't it? The PokéMarts in the Celestia region are no exception though! Anyway how can I help you today? Every PokéMart has different stock, so make sure you check the stocklist for the location you're in before trying to make a purchase!

-You can only purchase from a PokéMart if you are currently in that location in Celestia.
-When you are ready to make a purchase, fill out the form below. Your purchase must be approved by an official.

Once your purchase has been approved, you may add your items to your Wi-Fi League stats. Items you 'purchase' in the PokéMart will not be traded to you, you must find them yourself in your BW game. If you need help, ask an official.

(Your star total) - (Cost of items) = (Your new star total)
Link to stats:
PokéMart Stock

Navi Town
TM10 Hidden Power - 30 stars
TM27 Return - 30 stars
TM46 Thief - 30 stars
TM48 Round - 30 stars

PokeBall - 8 stars
Lure Ball - 12 stars
Level Ball - 12 stars
Heal Ball - 12 stars

Key Items
Old Rod - 10 stars

Zenith Town
TM05 Roar - 25 stars
TM49 Echoed Voice - 25 stars
TM51 Ally Switch - 35 stars
TM53 Energy Ball - 45 stars
TM70 Flash - 50 stars

PokeBall - 8 stars
Great Ball - 12 stars
Nest Ball - 12 stars
Timer Ball - 12 stars
Net Ball - 12 stars

Aurora City
TM16 Light Screen - 35 stars
TM31 Brick Break - 35 stars
TM40 Aerial Ace - 40 stars
TM42 Facade - 40 stars
TM47 Low Sweep - 35 stars
TM73 Thunder Wave - 35 stars
TM79 Frost Breath - 40 stars
TM84 Poison Jab - 40 stars
TM85 Dream Eater - 45 stars
TM88 Pluck - 30 stars

PokeBall - 8 stars
Great Ball - 12 stars
Ultra Ball - 16 stars
Luxury Ball - 12 stars
Nest Ball - 12 stars
Love Ball - 12 stars
Premier Ball - 10 stars
Repeat Ball - 12 stars
Quick Ball - 12 stars

Evolution Items - 10 stars each
Fire Stone
Water Stone
Leaf Stone
Moon Stone
Sun Stone
Shiny Stone
Dusk Stone
Dawn Stone
Dragon Scale
Dubious Disc
King's Rock
Metal Coat
Oval Stone
Prism Scale
Razor Claw
Razor Fang
Reaper Cloth
Soothe Bell
Moss Rock
Ice Rock
Link Cable

Key Items
Running Shoes - 25 stars

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