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Default Re: Dungeons & Dragonites: Darkest Path [SU/DS]


Aeiria ( I - are - E - a) / Sometimes shortened to Air (as it is normally pronounced)

368 Years


Pokemon: Ninetales

Treasure Hunter/Trader


For the most part Aeiria is a generic ninetales. She is somewhat on the taller side of her species, and is also leaner. Aeiria retains the same average muscle mass, this combined with her physique gives her more speed, but less physical power than an average ninetales. She has a much different fur coat from most ninetales, but not a color that is unknown to the studies of the pokemon. However, instead of the typical red eyes of ninetales, Aeiria's are a dark-grey blue.

Aeiria is a quiet and friendly pokemon. She prefers listening, and will often let Ley do all the talking for her unless she has a different opinion them him. She will speak more to pokemon, if she is comfortable with them, and because she doesn't need Ley's assistance to do so. Her attitude towards strangers is rather stark, uneasy, and wary. It is only after she feels comfortable with you that she begins to become the gentle and amicable personality.

She, all her life, has made contemplative decisions. She is very intelligent and through thinking, for how long is up to the problem, can often find the best solution to the problem. However, when she doesn't get that time, or feels uneasy about what she is doing, she can sometimes slip into making rash decisions. She can also be very cunning and keen when she needs to be, especially when negotiating.

Year 1 | Aeiria is born into a small tribe of ninetales that stays hidden in the forest near Westwood.
Year 20 | While out hunting in the forest, she was seen by some hunters. Thinking that a rare pokemon with strange colors would be a good luck charm or would fetch a good price, they captured her and took her into the city.
Year 25 | After causing no good luck for her captors, she was put up for sale. She was bought by a man whom she never saw, even though she stayed in his home for several years. During these years she picked up an understanding of the common language (although she could not speak it because she lacked the ability to make those sounds), she also picked up archery as a pastime.
Year 38 | Her master revealed himself to Aeiria before he died. She evolved into a Ninetales and his soul became one of her tails.
Year 75 | After venturing back into the forest, she began to bring herbs into Westwood to exchange for money. This began her career as a trader, and soon she became very good at it.
Year 177 | Growing bored of her trading company, she began to hunt for treasure, both for the adventure and for the monetary value.
Year 246 | She meet Ley while aboard a trade ship and freed him.
Year 304 | Began known around for doing favors for people in exchange for money and combined this with her treasure hunting.
Year 332 | Vanished from the public eye and became much more hidden in all three of her ventures.

Strength | 9
Dexterity | 15
Constitution | 10
Intelligence | 16
Wisdom | 11
Charisma | 15

Flash Fire

Energy Ball, Extrasensory, Flamethrower, Safeguard

Signature Technique:
The Pokedex states “Some legends claim that each of its nine tails has its own unique type of special mystical power.” Aeiria has discovered a way to unlock the special powers in her tails. The nine people that were ‘reincarnated’ to become a ninetales are quite obsolete and almost have no effect on the pokemon itself, but the remnants are still hidden within the magical tails. Aeiria discovered that by practicing and focusing to try and find these remnants can unlock the powers given by the people. It seems as though the person’s job in life, or their skills and abilities determine what kind of power they give. These powers Aeiria uses when shooting her arrows (explained later). The special powers are listed below. The arrows can still miss, and sometimes the powers will not work due to Aeiria being too weak, or by a stronger ghost, psychic, or dark pokemon, wizard, etc. presence. In times of hurry, which tail is which is also sometimes forgotten and a random one is used.
- Alchemist – the arrow tip becomes poisonous
- Wizard – the arrow follows opponent and does not miss (can still be blocked)
- Doctor – the arrow stuns opponent
- Warrior – the arrow becomes heavier (therefore stronger) (range is limited)
- Black Smith – the arrow tip becomes extremely hot metal
- Prince – the arrow splits into three during its flight
- Inventor – the arrow explodes on contact
- Intellectual – the arrow has no added effect (tail that is most often used to shoot arrows)

Common (Understands it only)

Weapon Finesse
Point Blank Shot


Bow x1
A mystical bow from a far off land. It is made of a ancient white wood that has not decayed during its life. Strange scratchings are made along it, they appear to have been made by claws. It has straps that attach it to Air's back. She then uses her tail to shoot the arrows. (Just like Gekigami)

Quiver and Arrows x3
Rather generic Quivers. They are made old hollowed branches that have been smoothed. They are strapped to Air's tails. The arrows are completely random. They all depend on where Air bought them from. She can carry at max, 60.

Bag x1
A simple white messenger bag that hangs on Air's side. (The strap goes over the back and through the leg on the opposite side.)
A small black book used for business
Another small book with dry herbs pressed in between pages
Several small bottles containing berry juice
A map of the world and trade routes

Bracelets x4 & Necklace/Collar x1
These jewelry pieces are all silver-plated, and have a small blue gem embedded into the middle, except for her collar/necklace, which has a shard of glass embedded in it. They are often just thought to be symbols of wealth used to more easily pass herself around, but the bracelets are hollowed on the inside and hold money. Air and Ley are the only ones who know how to open them.

1 Gold, 30 Silver, 20 Copper


Ley the Natu
Magic Bounce
Night Shade, Signal Beam, Teleport, Me First

Ley was found by Air (he came up with the nickname) after it had been captured and taken from its flock to be sold to a ‘trainer.’ Refusing the offer to be taken back home, Ley became the traveling friend and a guide to Aeiria. (Ley's life span seems to be grown by being with Aeiria.)
*Aeiria cannot speak common language, even though she understands it. Ley learned from mimicking its sounds. Aeiria relays what she wants to say through Ley using psychic abilities.


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