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Default Gym Leader Applications

Are you interested in being a Gym Leader in the Celestia Region? Make sure you are familiar with the Wi-Fi League rules, especially those regarding Gyms.

To apply for a Gym, first make sure it is open by checking the Official Gym Directory.

Note that you are not required to 'own' the Pokemon for your Gym in the Wi-Fi League itself. The Gym Pokemon are separate and can only be used in Gym Battles. Check the rules about Gyms for more information.

If the Gym you want is open, you may apply in this thread by filling out the following form.
Gym applying for:
Pokemon using (max 8):
Custom gym rules:
Gym backstory:
Creative Gym Rules are encouraged. Be sure to also specify whether your Gym will conduct single, double, triple and/or rotation battles.

Make sure the Pokemon you select for your Gym match the types of the Gym. The types for each Gym are listed in the Official Gym Directory.

Your Gym backstory should include 2-4 sentences about your Gym and your Leader, such as why you train that Pokemon type, how you ended up in the Celestia Region etc. Your Gym Leader 'character' may be different to your Trainer 'character' and will have a unique set of Pokemon.

If your application is accepted, you will be required to make a new thread for your Gym, where people can post if they wish to challenge you. For information about what to include, check the rules and existing Gym threads.

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