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Default The Celestia Region - Information & Travel Guides

The Celestia Region

Before beginning your journey, make sure you read the Rules and register for the league!

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The Celestia Region is nestled at the foot of the Sundown Ranges and occupies a large amount of land between the ocean and the mountains. The terrain is rocky and rough, with many sandy beaches along the coast. Both tropical and temperate forests are found in the region, as well as lakes, rivers and caves. A wide variety of Pokemon are found due to the range of different environments. The major city in the region is Aurora City, where supply ships from other regions can safely dock. Many other areas of the coast are inaccessible due to the presence of large whirlpools. Trainers begin their journey from Andromeda Town where Professor Cedar studies and gives out starter Pokemon. Official Pokemon League Gyms are found in Zenith Town, Aurora City, Sirius City, Orion City, Solstice City, Apollo City, Umbra City, and Polaris City.

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