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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (RP)

Holy god, be forewarned of the text wall ahead! Anyway, improved the headers, will change if CM has something else for them in mind.

New Pokemon Research Center
Link: Darkrai

Was this what having your life flash before your eyes was supposed to be like, Jovi wondered. It seemed that she was seeing different aspects of her life over again--watching her mother work, learning different things from Professor Krane and the other scientists, annoying Michael, playing with the Pokémon that Professor Krane gave her to” watch over”, finding Dr. Kaminko’s house, and all of the events of three years ago surrounding her older brother and shadow Pokémon, as well as the events since, like waking up in this strange world and so on, all played before her. As the reel of events came to an end, the world around her fell dark. “So many memories… Are they mine? Are they yours?” a booming, deep voice asked aloud.

Somehow the girl knew it was a dream, and yet in spite of this fact, she found herself opening her mouth to answer consciously. “They’re my memories,” she told the voice, not sure jus what to expect next.

“If these are your memories, where are mine? Who am I? Who are you?” the voice replied, and Jovi could do nothing but shake her head.

“I don’t know who you are, but my name is Jovi,” she said gently.

“Jovi…” the voice repeated slowly, and it seemed that the darkness came to life, it moved, and out of it came two glowing blue eyes that moved towards her—

And then the dream shattered.

Jovi shot up in bed with a gasp and nearly knocked her Vaporeon off the bed in the process. The blue, finned cat let out a sharp hiss in protest, glaring at her trainer accusingly. “Sorry, Mist,” the girl apologized quickly, which seemed to calm the Vaporeon down a little. “I had a really crazy dream.” The Vaporeon’s anger seemed to melt away completely at that. Seeming to know that there was no way that Jovi was going back to sleep, Mist hopped off the bed and allowed Jovi to get off as well. The girl shivered as her bare feet touched the hardwood floor of her bedroom and practically dove to clear the space between her dresser and herself to get socks on.

Once dressed, Jovi wandered out of her bedroom and down to the lab, as she lived in on one of the resident floors above the Pokémon research lab itself. Jovi wasn’t sure what the day would hold, but one thing was for certain: she wanted to know what her dream earlier had been about.

Pierce "Peace" Hopkins
On the run, just outside a little town
Link: Shiva

Her chest was tight. It hurt, but she continued to gulp down ragged breaths of air for the sake of continuing to try to run, though her Gardevoir was already halfway carrying her. /Come on, Peace, got to keep going, got to keep going,/ Gardenia tried to coach telepathically though she knew Peace was just as aware they needed to keep moving as she was. The Gardevoir thought it a miracle the girl hadn't tried to stop yet, but then again, when there were armed men coming after you, it was hard to consider stopping, even if they had been on the run for nearly three days straight now. It had started when the armed personnel showed up at her aunt's door asking for her, and hadn't stopped since. She had been home for a doctor's appointment that had taken place that morning, though Clover Corel hadn't bothered to mention that, and in fact told them she wasn't there at all. Unsure of why they wanted her but sure it could be nothing good, her Aunt Clover had taken it upon herself to warn Pierce, otherwise known as Peace, and urge her to take her Pokémon and run.

And run they had, not that it had helped much so far. It had gone south from the beginning--Gardenia had though it best to try and teleport her out of the city, but the city had been ringed with more men, as apparently her escape attempt had been predicted. They had only barely managed to escape that disaster with more quick teleporting on Gardenia's part and running and nearly dragging on Peace's part before the girl seemed to remember that she was in possession of a Flygon, and they had ridden Sky for a while before Peace finally told him to land…that had only given them a little more than a day, though. They had thought they were safe, but it hadn’t been long before they were being chased again, and they had been forced to repeat the same process with similar results, and now it was down to this—Sky couldn’t fly any more, he was too tired, and Gardenia was one step from being totally drained herself. Sure, Peace had other Pokémon she could fight back with, but that would give them a reason to retaliate with the weapons they carried, and she had no desire to fight, either. It was as she stumbled and fell, taking Gardenia with her to the ground, that they both spotted a village ahead of them. As Peace sat up, a bullet whizzed past her head. Looking back it was easy to see the line of soldiers after her. Panic rose up in response.

“Gardenia,” the girl gasped, but the Gardevoir was already in action, taking one quick look at the town in the distance and wrapping both her arms around the girl before digging into the last bit of psychic power she had and teleporting them one last time. No matter what, she would get Peace away from danger, no matter what happened to her.

Night Westerly, Cissnei, and Dominic Marten
Little town that has yet to be named
Links: None, as of yet

Night was in the garden when they appeared in a flash of light, huddled close to the ground. The Gardevoir holding the girl went limp nearly immediately, and the girl jerked suddenly. “Gardenia!” What Night suspected was the Pokémon’s name came out of the girl’s mouth as a cry of alarm. “No, no…darn it!” she gasped, sliding out of the Pokémon’s limp embrace to inspect the downed Gardevoir. Night stood and moved towards the two slowly, unsure of what was going on.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, for lack of any better idea of what to say. The girl’s head whipped around to stare at him, and the terror on her face was plain to see. It made him nervous, and suddenly he found his old infantry instincts cropping back up.

“I…I’m being followed by armed men. I don’t know what they want from me, but they just….” she took in a deep breath of air and shook her head. “They just shot at me, and Gardenia—she was so tired and worn out…! But they’re still coming for me and now she’s down and I can’t run anymore and Sky’s too tired... I don’t want to have to fight back—I just don’t understand what I did wrong!” The girl was almost in tears and out of breath. Night found himself reaching down to touch her bare shoulder and sighing softly.

“You won’t have to any more. If you didn’t do anything wrong, then we’ll protect both you and our home… Just let me get some help, okay?” She looked up at him with wide gray eyes filled with surprise, almost as though she were asking if it was true. “I’ll be back in a moment,” he murmured and bolted for the house that sat not too far away.

A red-haired woman in a black suit and an utterly massive brown-haired man sat at the table inside. “Marten, Cissnei, we have armed men headed towards us. Apparently they’re after a girl, one who is right outside the garden and almost in hysterics with a downed Gardevoir. She says they just shot at her and she can’t run anymore, alongside claiming that she did nothing wrong… I think she’s telling the truth—or at least she believes she’s telling the truth. Either way, we should be ready to defend the village if need be, and possibly her… Probably her.” The redhead and the enormous man were already moving, girl involved or not, they were not going to allow armed men into the town; it was a known fact that the three assembled had enough wariness of government and armed soldiers to last a lifetime for anyone else—it was why the Turk and the two infantrymen hadn’t gone back to their old line of work in the first place.

Wordlessly, the man moved towards a rug that rested on the floor some distance away and slid it aside with his foot quickly, meanwhile the woman moved to where a large shiruken rested against the wall and scooped it up deftly with a single hand. Moments later, the man was holding a simple submachine gun he’d produced from a small hiding place of sorts under the floorboards. Night simply brushed his fingers against the two Pokeballs that hung on a belt that hung loosely around his thin waist—he didn’t touch guns very often anymore and he was amazed Marten even kept his around, but then again, sometimes it was nice to have it around, even if the gun brought back horrible memories and spent most of its time underneath their feet.

“Let’s go see what these soldiers want from the girl,” the woman sighed before opening the door and stepping outside to scan the horizon. She could see the girl and her Gardevoir, still sitting where Night had left her.

“Should I get Len and Fuu, Cissnei?” the large man asked softly, the woman shook her head in response, sending her curls bouncing.

“No, Marten, let them be unless we really need help…though I’m sure they’re already aware… I swear one of them has a sixth sense for trouble and I don’t know which one it is, but they have a habit of knowing when they’re needed,” Cissnei replied just as softly as they moved, almost as one, to where the girl sat. When they reached her, she looked up, and Cissnei could see immediately that the girl was terrified; terrified and sure she was innocent. Before she or Marten could speak, however, Night crouched down and offered her a small smile.

“It will be okay now, we’ll protect you,” he assured softly. Cissnei and Marten exchanged a brief look; one that said they couldn’t agree to that, but they weren’t going to challenge the statement for now. He felt bad for the girl and was trying to make her feel better as the soldiers approached.

“Showtime,” Cissnei murmured as she watched them slightly ease their weapons down at the sight of other people. It wasn’t eased enough to promise peace, but it seemed they wanted to avoid trouble if they could… “How lovely, they’re just considering shooting us if we don’t comply with their demands.” The girl let out a whimper and Night shushed her softly, murmuring more assurances to her while Marten took up a similar posture to the soldiers advancing and moved to stand at on side of the girl, Cissnei remained on the other, so that Night and the girl were between and just behind them. When the soldiers finally reached them, Marten was standing as though he had never been away from the Shinra infantry and Cissnei was spinning her shiruken, a red and silver thing called Rekka, around her right index finger almost lazily.

“You stand between a fugitive and those tasked with tracking her down and bringing her back to the Council. Stand down, or we will be forced to resort to violence.” Cissnei grinned at the fairly standard threat and looked to her shiruken spinning around her finger, glinting in the sun.

“What does the Council want with her? She looks like a fairly average young woman to me,” Cissnei responded, looking from Rekka to the girl behind her and back at the group of soldiers. The one who had spoken first spoke again.

“That information is classified, Miss. Please allow us to take the fugitive without having to resort to violent measures.”

“In other words, you don’t know why,” it was Marten who spoke up this time rather than Cissnei. He shook his head and laughed. “You men are fools. Not asking about your assignments will get you killed one day, as it killed many of my own comrades.”

“Is that a threat?” One of the soldiers jumped forward and Marten lifted his gun in the same moment Cissnei cocked her arm back to throw Rekka and two other soldiers grabbed the jumper.

“He only speaks from experience. Experience the three of us share, actually,” Cissnei informed them, stepping closer to Night and the girl, as though she thought she could hide the two from the soldiers before them.

“Then you know orders are also orders, and we have orders to take the girl,” one of the soldiers argued back, Cissnei shook her head.

“Looks like you’ll learn that sometimes orders just can’t be followed,” she countered, and that was when one of the soldiers lowered their gun and reached for something else, bringing his hand up quickly. Before Cissnei could move, Marten had shouldered her out of the way and the group watched as he went rigid. The girl screamed, but the Taser only appeared to work for a moment before he shook his head, grinning.

“Bad move,” he growled through gritted teeth as his red-haired companion darted forward and elbowed the soldier with the Taser in the chest hard enough for him to let go of the Taser and send him backwards, into another pair of soldiers. Guns pointed at her, but Marten made a soft tsk-ing noise. “You shoot at her and I promise, I will shoot every last one of you. Maybe it would be lethal; maybe it wouldn’t be…I can’t say I’d want to find out. The girl stays with us; it’s time for you to leave though.” Multiple members of the group dropped their guns straight off, few continued to hold onto theirs, but were visibly too tense to use them.

“Do you really want to know how many of you I can take down before you can stop me?” Cissnei challenged sharply. Two broke away, running seemingly as fast as they possibly could, most of the other held their positions, and this time Night stood up from behind the shelter that his hulking friend offered, brandishing a Pokéball. The soldiers eyed him, however they didn’t move until he released the Pokémon inside, revealing a Luxray.

“Shenz, why don’t you see them off?” he asked the Pokémon softly. The soldiers regarded this statement with confusion before the black, lion-like Pokémon seemed to understand that these men weren’t wanted and gave a fierce cry as it discharged electricity and sent them scrambling backwards. Marten fired a shot that went over their heads, but that was all it took to send them running back down the road at full speed, a handful of guns left where they had once stood. There was a moment of silence before the girl shoved herself up off the ground, tears sliding down her cheeks, and went to Marten immediately, her Gardevoir forgotten for only a moment.

“Are you okay? That was a Taser, wasn’t it? Are you going to be alright?” Suddenly the tears came more furiously than before. “I’m so sorry!” she wailed, leaving the man stunned for a moment before he reacted.

“I’m fine, I’m fine, don’t be sorry… Please stop crying…” He reached out an arm as though he were moving to hug her, and stopped himself. He continued to reach out, as though to pat her shoulder and stopped himself again before his arm fell to his side lamely. He wondered how the girl would feel if she were hugged by a massive stranger, and decided against following through with the hug. Cissnei looked him up and down briefly before deciding he was fine, and went about disassembling the Taser so it couldn’t shock him again.

“Marten’s a big guy who has been through a lot worse than a Taser hit, if you noticed, it didn’t bother him too much, there’s nothing to be sorry for if you don’t know why they’re after you…so please, like Marten said, stop crying. You’re safe now.” The redhead offered while Night thanked his Luxray before returning the Pokémon back to his ball.

“Yeah, you’re safe now…so why don’t we take care of your Gardevoir…you called her Gardenia, right?” the thin sharp-shooter asked, causing the girl’s attention to snap back to her unconscious Gardevoir and tear up even more. “Hey, hey! Come on, it will be alright, we’ve got plenty of healing items; she’ll be alright.” The girl sniffled.

“It’s just that…she’s hurt because of me…and…” Night sighed before moving to her side and shushing her softly, like he was trying to talk to a small child rather than a girl as big as him.

“She’ll be alright. You two, as well as all of your Pokémon are safe now. I promise.” That was when he followed through with what Marten had not; Night reached out and hugged the girl to him briefly. “Safe,” he repeated slowly, before heading over to the downed Gardevoir and scooping her up as he headed back to the house, leaving the girl standing there.

“Looks like Night’s taken your defense a bit personally…he’s a good kid,” Cissnei murmured, coming to stand by the girl, followed by Marten. “I’m Cissnei, and the big guy is Dominic Marten, but we all call him Marten…sometimes mom. The kid who just saved you—his name is Night.”

The girl didn’t look back at her, but continued to look after the young man walking towards the closest house with her Gardevoir in his arms. “I’m Pierce Hopkins,” she offered quietly. “But, please, most people call me Peace.”

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