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Default Pokemon: Race to the Legends

I just made this game up in the shower. :)

The story: (read this for playing!)

The pokemon trainers have one pokemon, but it isn't legendary.

The trainer want the others to call their pokemon legendary, so they make up arguments.

But they can't say anything about how cool or awesome their pokemon is.

And they can't say why the other trainer's pokemon aren't legendary YET.

The game:

So your the trainer and you can choose one pokemon that has not been chosen by another trainer and that isn't legendary.(check list below)

You can only post three arguments per post and you only can post again if somebody else has posted.

You need 50 arguments to get your pokemon in the LEGENDARY HALL OF FAME.

After you got your pokemon in the LEGENDARY HALL OF FAME proffesor oak will give you a new masterball.(you can make a new pokemon legendary)

Pokemons already been taken:

Volcarona by Dandin 9 arguments

Pickachu by brandon g 9 arguments


none yet

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