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Default Re: Dungeons & Dragonites: Darkest Path [SU/DS]

@narphoenix: Sorry it took me a while to reply. I wanted to take my time reading over your SU to take in every detail and think about it. From what I've seen, everything looks good. Very interesting character you have there, and I look forward to seeing him in action. Accepted.

@sammy0295: I completely understand. If you ever get free time and wish to rejoin, send me a PM. I'm sure we can work something out if all the original places are taken, it be I invite you to play an NPC or allow you to create a PC and bring him/her into the game where we're at.

@Kaioo: Very well then. Reserved. Since you accepted the invite, you do not have to complete the SU in the five day reservation. However the sooner you can post it the better :3

All reservations are once again taken! No more will be accepted at this time!

On one last note, I will be posting a Character Directory. It got a positive reaction out of those who posted about the idea. So on this thread feel free to post spells, languages, skills, companions, items, or whatever your character would like to obtain. On the CD I will post what is to be posted about your character, using my character Surge as an example (mainly because I'm thinking he'll be a constant NPC, since technically I'm not supposed to have a PC being the DM but I want him to be apart of the group). Does that sound good to everyone?

EDIT: And I fail as a DM for forgetting about feats. For now I will allow a max of five, but post them here first to be accepted. Same for known languages and spells. You can either post them on your SU or in a separate post. Just as long as I see them for approval before they go on your character sheet when I get the other thread started.

EDIT2: The Character Directory is now up. You can only post there once I have accepted your character and his or her known languages, feats, and spells on this thread!
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