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Default Dungeons & Dragonites: Darkest Path [Character Directory]

(c) AngelAquino

So here is where the official character sheets will be posted. It is mandatory that they be updated as the roleplay goes on. This is because during the course of the game new items will be acquired and new skills, languages, and spells learned. Perhaps a character gets a new companion. All of this is information that must be on a character sheet. They are to be posted here for easier access to them, instead of finding and editing them on the SU/DS thread. Character sheets can only be posted here once the Dungeon Master has accepted them. Character personality and history are not required to be present on the character sheet.
Surge the Houndoom Warrior Assassin played by CM
Daniel Thresh the variable Mage played by narphoenix
Azrael "Archeon Pendragon" the "fallen" demon lord Warrior played by Kaioo
Aeiria the Ninetales Trader Treasure Hunter played by Dino
Othniel Moto-Moyo the lion-man Shaman Warrior played be Velocity
Lumi "Frost" the human Rouge played be Eternal Moonlight
Vahn D. Brande the half-dragon Dragon Slayer played be Trainer17
Arima the human Beast Soothesayer played be Saraibre Ryu
Crystal Momoyia

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