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Default Re: Gotta Catch em' all Johto: Gold and Silver Voting Poll/Discussion

Originally Posted by Latio-Nytro View Post
They (the Legends) technically can be caught-a few trainers had actually caught Legendary Pokemon in the canon anime, Brandon being a particuarily noteworthy example (True to his in-Game appearance, he had all three Legendary Golems). I also know that Dredd plans to (near the end of Red and Blue) have individual campaigns to snag the Legendary Birds.

That being said, I would not open it "NOW," unless Red and Blue are both failing horribly (and right now, the latter has got a surge of activity.) However, a double-version, like before, could be used and I highly support that. Though, I would actually have the two teams inhibit the same plane of space and time this go-around (if Red and Blue have fixed that up), if only because battles between rival teams of trainers would be absolutely awesome...And Dredd can no longer have the ability to be in two places at once. Yes, I consider him being in Blue and Red and being able post there and catch Mon's in both absolutley cheating, personally.

As for a giveaway...Meh. I don't personall utilize Wi-Fi, though I might for this occasion.
I wasnt suppose to be in blue mr calls me a cheater! I took over because TE wasnt keeping it going. What I will do if I end in both is separate pokemon I caught in one from pokemon I caught in another. Also you remember I keep the story going, and create new ideas...Its not very easy to keep two different stories moving with people switching out. Either way I have an idea for Gold and Silver as to how it could work where people could show up in each others threads for battles or side mission. I plan on keeping the two teams separate though.

Also, One of the Nurse Joys has a latias, and starting gold or silver would have nothing to do with red or blue. There are members who have expressed interest that dont want to try and catch up. I honestly would like to see some new faces in gold and silver. Of course the current people are encouraged to join, but honestly i wanted more people that missed out to join in.

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