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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (RP)

New Bark Town
Link ~ Giratina

It had been a while since Kotone had felt safe, properly safe, in her own home. The smushing of the two worlds had excited and frightened her and she found it hard to sleep at night in fear of something or someone coming to get her. Even though she has grown used to the feeling and has even overcome it, she couldn't seem to sleep that night. She huffed lightly to herself, she really needed some sleep. She petted Blue lightly, the small Totodile moving in her lap, she smiled fondly before picking up a book from her bedside table to read, she needed something to take her mind off of things, she was really being over paranoid.

After a few minutes of reading Shade stirred from his corner. She looked up from her book to stare at him. He was getting antsy and that rarely happened. Before she could get up and see if he was ok, his eyes opened and he stood, growling at her bedroom door.

Katone paled, something was there, and whether it was hostile or not Kotone didn't know, but clearly Shade was freaked. The Absol growled and moved to claw the door open, which failed as Kotone had locked it before bed, she thought about stopping that habit in case of an emergency. She moved Blue, who stirred and woke up from his own sleep, and grabbed her door key. She gently unlocked it and walkled into the upstairs hallway , followed by a still growling Shade and a confused Blue, she didn't think about grabbing the others, she knew she would be safe with Blue and Shade.

The three of them slowly walked down the stairs, and Kotone could hear someone now, and she saw thee kitchen light was on. Shade quietly jumped the last of the stairs as Kotone picked up Blue so she could step over the last, creaky step of the stairs, she needed the element of surprise right now. She held her breath as she continued forwards, whoever had envaded her house was rummaging through the fridge. She frowned lightly, "Mother won't be happy." She grumbled, and Shade glared at her for silence. She just shrugged at him and bounded into the room, catching the theif red handed.

"I have yo- Mooootheeeeeerrrrrr~" Kotone sweatdropped as he own mother dropped the peice of chocolate cake on the floor, which Blue was happy enough to finish off for her. "What are you doing. You scared Shade half to peices." Shade just glared at her, he was not scared. Kotone frowned when her mother just smiled.

"Sorry darling, I just got a little hungry, that's all." Kotone groaned and grabbed Blue by his tail, draging him away from the cake, he even knew his stomach didn't like chocolate.

"Whatever, I'm going back to bed." She huffed, taking a sad Blue and a disgruntled Shade with her. Her mother just shrugged and went back to her fridge raiding.

Rikku and Lilly Brice
Unnamed little town
Links ~ Quetzalcoatl and Deoxys

'Liiiiiilly? LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILLY!?' A small golden Riolu was crouched down near her trainers head. She wasn't sure what had happened, one minute the two were walking in a newly discovered town, looking for a place to stay, when she just fell to the floor. It was quiet, and the Riolu was sure there was no one was around. She whimpered lightly and poked her trainer, trying to wake her up. 'Lilly.' She telapathically mumbled, hoping her trainer could hear her, hoping she would wake up.

Lilly however was in far far away dream land. What it was that had made her go into such a deep sleep so quickly she had no clue, but she didn't like her dream at all. She was in a large void of red and green swirling together, it looked oddly familiar, but she didn't know why. She had to closer her eyes to stop them from hurting it was so bright and swirly and colorful. She opened them up however when she heard her pokemon, her Angel calling out for her, the poor thing must be so scared, she was only a baby after all.

And Angel was scared, she sat there cold and trembling, not sure what to do when a couple of big guys came along.

"Heh, the dart knocked her out cold." The biggest guy said, smirking. Angel recognised them, they had been chasing after Lilly for no reason. They were mean and big and she didn't like them.

'D! D, help.' She telapathically screamed out. The two guys looked at the shining pokemon quizically before their questions were answered. One of the pokeballs on Lilly's belt flashed rad and burst open to reveal a very angry looking Gardevoir.

'Leave us alone.' She growled out before Psychicing the two men away with a wave of her hand. The Gardevoir turned to the small Riolu and picked her up, holding her gently.

'D, I don't know what's wrong with her.' Angel said before crying her eyes out.

Rikku had been walking home from a long tiring morning pokemon hunting, she liked to look for new pokemon, maybe even a few electric types to add to her team, she never hurt them, or killed them, just tried to catch them, she would let them go after she had examined them and looked through her book to see what pokemon it was, if it was a new species. However on her way home she almost got squished by two large, flying men. She made a small squeal before looking the way they came, spotting a Gardevoir, a gold and blue pokemon she had never seen before and an unconsious person on the floor. Rikku looked at the two men and assumed the girl was the one that needed the help most.

"Um, excuse me. If you need any help, or a place to stay. You can come to my house." She called out, walking over to the trio. The Gardevoir eyed her uncertainly but Angel liked the idea of a place to stay and some help.

The Gardivoir was the one to answer. 'A place to stay would be nice, thank you. But we don't know what is wrong with her, she won't seem to wake up.' She grumbled, waving an arm so that Lilly floated next to her.

Rikku frowned and examined her, finding the tranquilizer dart and taking it out of Lilly's shoudler. "By the looks of things, she won't be awake for a while, it would be best if you come and stay indoors for a bit." She smiled, walking forwards and leading the way back to her house. The Gardevoir and Riolu following behing with a floating Lilly as the sun peeked through the clouds, neither Rikku nor the pokemon knew what the time was, but both the Gardivoir and Riolu were surprised by not seeing many people out and about.

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