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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Sorry, not a Chapter.

I have realized that, due to IRL reasons that are out of my control, I have to abandon my computer for 3 days. I have told Narphoenix (and really, I should have posted that information here sooner as well-sorry about that too) that I would officially consider this thread dead if I could NOT get my lazy rear in gear and make a post by Sunday. However, I can't get the post in on those days and I will not be able to finish it in the minimal time I get today. Henceforth, I will add three days to the officially dead date of Eon Sky-that would mean next Wensday.

Don't fret, though. I may, regardless of the dead-date, post the next chapter and revive it regardless. Emphasis on 'may.'

Just letting you know. Sorry, again, that this wasn't a chapter, and that I didn't notify you that I was planning on considering it dead.

EDIT: also, please note that I do have a phone...But I cannot access the documents to post the chapter. So do not complain on how I can still otherwise post and edit posts.
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