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Robert "Dodger" Reinse & Arkady "Ark" Dragic
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A screech from above deck caused Dodger to freeze. The Dewott had been cleaning the cannons. The same thing he'd done every day since the start of this expedition. The captain's cautious approach to sailing had nearly cost Dodger his sanity. If that noise was what he thought it was, that all might change soon.

The Dewott poked his head out of the porthole, squeezing his body around once of the ship's cannons. There was a blur on the horizon, and it was steadily getting larger. A ship? No, it was too large. As they got closer, what it was became obvious: Land. There was another shout above deck, an order from the captain. Slowly but surely, the ship started turning, soon running parallel to the land.

"Ark, you see this?" He called, ducking his head back inside.

A shadow in the corner of the room stirred. Arkady, Dodger's childhood friend, had fallen asleep again. Typical.

"Wuzzat?" The Mienfoo muttered, slowly coming to.

"Stick your head out the porthole and guess how far we are from shore for me," Dodger said.

Arkady stood and stretched. The Mienfoo adjusted the sash around his waist, making sure that Dodger's sword was still in its place.

"This better not be another one of your tricks, I still have a headache from the last time you dropped a hatch on my head," Arkady grumbled, wandering over to the porthole.

"Maybe if you didn't leave me with all the work I wouldn't be so keen to do so," Dodger smirked, "But no, this time I'm serious."

The Mienfoo stuck his head out, and the expression on his face instantly changed. "So you are! I'd guess about two, three miles, maybe more."

"Some help you are," Dodger sighed.

The Mienfoo quickly pulled his head back in, before his Dewott comrade got any ideas. "Guess it's time we threw our lot in, then. We siding with Richie, or his detractors?"

"Which ever gets us the staff quicker," Dodger replied, "And right now that's looking like Richard. Haven't seen even the slightest hint of a plan from the others."

'What about those two old guys?"

"They're just that, two old guys," Dodger smirked, "As far as I'm concerned, they're both senile. Now, if that Lucario or Cranidos thought of something, I'd be more inclined to listen."

"I guess we'll have to wait and see how this plays out, then," Arkady shrugged, before finally joining Dodger at the cannons.
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