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Desi Della Sario
Nomade ~ Global Mercenaries
Approaching the Coast to Defender Island
Flynt, Rufa, Dan Magnus, Dragonwish2

"I see land!"

The call was incredibly faint, but Desi Della Sario had rather large ears. He was a Cinccino, and that happened to be one of their more defining features. Sitting up in his hammock, he slowly rolled in such a way that he'd land feet-first on the floor. Still not entirely used to the constant pitch and yaw of the seafaring craft, he found himself stumbling a bit. The Cinccino looked a bit different from the more cutesy, cuddly members of his kind. His beautiful head-fur had been tied into braids which spilled out from under a bandana that kept the normally unruly fur in check. Such a thing proved especially important, given Desi's fighting nature. He also boasted a proud number of scars. When one was creature more renowned for being adorable and mischievous than a tough fighter, one had to work extra hard at rising above the stereotypes.

He cursed under his breath as he staggered around like a drunkard, trying to get used to the infernal swaying. Once his balance had been re-conquered, he made his way topside. Once out of the belly of Rising Sun, he squinted into the light.

Zerua was their first destination, luckily. The Compass that pointed to anything one wished for was on the hunk of land in the horizon that Desi could barely make out.

He'd agreed, in arrangement for his tenure, to help the crew find everything else they could. Then, he'd ask to use the Compass. If he couldn't take it with him, then hopefully it pointed him in the right direction. He'd bring that up when the time came; there was work to do until then.

He moved up along the rail, clasping the bar with his paws as he peered out over the vast, endless waves. He shook his head, as if clearing away the ocean's hypnosis and focused his vision instead on his crew-mates, none of whom he'd actually held a conversation with, to date.

There was a Crobat that was apparently called Annelise. She stood out simply because she was a bit batty, and the inherent pun secretly delighted Desi. She seemed particularly excited to be setting foot on the new, excited land. Though, to be fair...she flew. She had four wings and tiny feet, which meant that setting foot on anything seemed more of a chore for her than anything.

Mercy, the Lucario, seemed rather typical of the Lucario species. Desi had worked with a few in his time in the guard, and they always seemed so calm, and so gentle, but with the ever smug impression of: "I know more than you." Mercy seemed to possess the same eyes. Really, they were just calculating, and seeing things in a different light that most Lurra eyes...but Lucario always seemed so self-satisfied about whatever it was they were seeing, as if they simply expected it to be exactly according to their intuition. Unfair prejudice aside, Mercy seemed nice. He had to constantly remind himself that he had risen about the clichés inherent to his own kind, and it was quite unfair that he resorted to defining others by theirs.

A Serperior, named Selena, was apparently around, but seeing her regal serpentine form truly made Desi understand why her species was "Serperior", that awkward-in-the-mouth portmanteau of "Serpent" and "Superior". She seemed utterly majestic, and from what he understood from overhearing gossip, was about as lazy as royalty too. Desi internally shook his head, once again not wanting to resort to judging his crew-mates before actually speaking to them. While it was tempting to chalk them up to what others said about them, he really preferred to get to know them on his own time.

Which made it a pity that he proved to be such a poor conversationalist.

A Cranidos, Vidar, seemed to be waiting. From Desi's angle, it looked something like the Dinosaur had engaged in a game of mental chess, probably against himself. He seemed absolutely lost in thought; hypnotized by the sight and thought of land in the same way that Desi kept falling prey to the ever-shifting ocean waves. He seemed a creature of few words, which meant that the two of them had at least one thing in common. He couldn't imagine their conversations being terribly interesting to anyone listening, but part of him rather enjoyed the thought.

Of all the Lurra on board, Desi had not yet figured out the reason, or position, of Old Witherback the Ivysaur. It made no sense as to why some old goon was on board a vessel. He figured at the very least, the ancient flower-reptile would hold them back, by virtue of simply being old and probably less capable than the younger crew-mates. On the other hand, he hoped that Witherback concealed something of great value that could be offered to everyone. But, were that the case, then Desi would truly be the most useless, or at least the most single focused on board.

Dodger and Ark appeared to be the resident duo on board. The two hardly appeared without the other, so Desi naturally assumed that they were close, in the brotherly sense. Ark apparently carried Dodger's sword, which made little sense to Desi. A warrior carried his own sword. (He knew nothing, of course, of Dodger's missing eye, and hadn't yet been close to enough to glean that information for himself. To be fair, even if he had been, he hadn't paid it much attention.)

Then, after the various sundry crew that appeared to have no other significance except that they were there to operate the ship, there was the young Captain Richard. While not initially keen on serving under someone younger than him, he found quickly that Richard had more expertise than he did in many fields. That, and since he'd essentially been a hire by Richard, and not the "Marco" everyone seemed to speak of, he had no standards to which he could compare the young Buizel.

"Captain" Desi approached, trying his best to conceal the wobble in his walk. "Your orders?". The Lurra had just finished chastising the purportedly lazy Selena. While it further reinforced the gossip, he tried not to let it affect his judgment. She, in all reality, was probably as much of a rookie as he was. As the Captain approached, Desi offered a salute, like they did back in the City Guards. It made no sense out on the open seas, but to Desi, it was a way of showing respect. Surely, he'd ostracize himself from the grumbling and mumbling of the crew from the "Marco" age, but sooner or later they'd learn that that age had passed. Mostly, though, he looked to Richard because he was the only semblance of authority on the Rising Sun.

He waited patiently for his commands.
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