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Default Pokemon now, Pokemon then

No, this isn't a "First generation all the way!! Unova is horrible!! Creativity is bad, repetition is good, difference is sin!!" type of threads. This is actually about how we used to play when we were kids.

Does anybody remember before we understood the att/def and sp. att/def split and how that affected the moves we chose? Or when we just chose the Pokemon that looked the coolest or was our favorite type? Was I the only one who never used status moves for lowering/raising stats? Whatever move had the highest number for power was the strongest?

Nowadays, we're all,
(Note: feel free to stop reading this as soon as you get the point that I'm trying to make.)

"Okay, now that I've managed to breed for a shiny Charmander with a rash nature and all 31 IVs I have to trade a Pokemon with Pokerus from my black to my white and then infect my Charizard with it and give him a macho brace which will give me precisely a x4 multiplier on all the EVs I obtain and then go surfing on route 3 to EV train speed for precisely 8 speed EVs per Basculin I kill which means I should have to kill precisely 31.5 Basculin and replace Charizard's Macho Brace with a choice scarf and now I think if I use Charizard to take out any tanks he could get a solid amount of health return so I should probably switch his Focus Sash for a Shell Bell but I need to set up his moveset to take advantage of STAB from fire type moves and if I did EV train him in both attack and special attack so he should make a solid mixed sweeper and I think by giving him Flare Blitz this will maximize the damage with no risk to the accuracy and the shell bell should recover a good amount of HP to keep him up and..."

You know, I don't know why we're always like this, because the way we did it back then still seemed to work for me. The picture below is what inspired this (Warning: strong language)

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