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Default Cant re-do some daily events

First off all, dunno if this goes here or a diff forum, but yeah:

So as some of you know, a few weeks ago my DS lite had a date with death. I found my brother's fatty ds last night and was like "wonder if i can play pokemon on this..." (Only issue with the ds is the touch screen is always clicking to the far top right corner)

So my game works, im in luck. I enter the big stadium in Nimbassa City, I battle against the baseball player with the cubone, then go to battle a youngster thats next to him. But when I talk to him, he talks as if I had already battled him today.

So I thought "This DS is old, prob needs new WFC..." so I gave it new WFC and tried again. I could battle another baseball player, but still not the youngster or any other of the non-athletes.

Today I noticed that the DS was a whole 24 hours ahead of time, so I changed that. Now when I turned on my game, footballers were there instead of the baseball people. I was like "Fancy, its gotta work now!" But no.

Also, I havent talked to my guy in white forest since my DS died and he didn't dissapear...

I havent tried any other events but is there any way I could get these things to work?

Since I fixed the clock maybe it'll start to work tomorrow?

Do I have to do something else to the clock (In Animal crossing wild world, Tom Nook's catalog was always "booked" and when I googled that it said the time in my ACWW and the time on my DS were different. Maybe my PKMN white could have a similar thing)

Thanks. (TL;DR version is bolded lol)

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