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Default Re: Pokemon now, Pokemon then

Honestly I still play the same as I did back then. xD I only use my favourite Pokemon, regardless of stats and I am way too lazy to IV breed/EV train. I did spend a long time EV training a team on Diamond because I wanted to have a chance at battling against other people, but eventually I got bored of that and I haven't been able to work up the motivation to make a 'proper' team in White.

My white team is made up of 2 grass types, 2 flying types, a dragon and a spider. 5 of my team members are weak to ice, 3 are weak to both rock and fire. I really didn't plan anything out, but I'm happy with my team and I picked them because I thought they looked the most interesting. For the first since Red and Blue, I didn't even worry about having 6 different types. There is definitely something to be said for playing with your favourites! I don't like how competitive battling is so rigid and pushes the use of only certain Pokemon in a certain way. It's just not fun to me, and I think it turns away a lot of people who just want to battle with the Pokemon they love!
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